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How To Pursue A Woman
This man I had a regular conversation with which happens alot with me because I am confidant and talk made two moves that was witnessed by other people. He is the Praise God type if you know what I mean. I was really surprised at his actions. A long while later he communicated he got married. I really didn't care because if he was engaged or with this other woman when he made a fool out of himself for me that says very little about his wife and to me he is unstable. I see men go for beauty and money so much I just stay away from them. Oh and Praise God for sparing me the headache. I will keep my A+++ credit thank you.

Long Distance Dating
You're a carnal christian (Fleshy, rude and doesn't read the bible, shows a bad representation of jesus).
He moved over a year ago, we've been together for 3 years. I hope you repent for what you just said to me. Because God didn't appreciate you representing all of the other christians who poorly represent christ. G

I Am 33 So Should I Worry
Steve: wrong ,Most women dont want mature men? I speak for myself as a woman,maybe others too,I doo.. want a mature man and I figured that out when Ise around 20,it hasn't changed 9 yrs down the road now.

Handle Long Distance Relationship
Im in a long distant relationship.On the start of it,I asked him what of the distance,but the great friendship we had developed for each other before I left the country &the realisation that we wanted to be together forever surpassed that so we prayed & lifted it to God.Its not easy,but its in Gods hands.Its been 3yrs now,saw him last a year ago.We are hoping to get married soon and be together.The distance has its adv. I may say we are more open about so many things & taking the step to trust each other

Out Of Anger I Prayed A Bad Prayer
Sometimes we ourselves make prayers asking for things that God sees we do not need, HIS answer being "No" or "later",so I believe our awesome God in HIS divine wisdom saw your prayer as not one HE should grant just because you asked of it.The man dieying a year later was not your doing.God bless you Linda!

How Do You Find A Job
Ive been looking for a job in my profession for the past 18mths bonded to work in a foreign country.So far Im doing what is considered odd jobs.I must say the Lord has blessed me in that I can give back to HIM and pay my bills.Deep inside I somehow hurt cause I've done it all to get a job in my profession,but no-one sems to want to give me a chance,its like I studied for nothing,Im not so happy,but if it wasnt for Jesus,I would have quit a long time ago,but HE keeps me strong,going and assured.

How To Always Trust God
Hold on Christian.HE will not let you be tempted beyond what you can handle,keep on trusting & lean not on your own understanding.HE is at work behind the scenes.HE is working it all out for you to the glory of HIS name,dont give up on HIM.Take comfort,HE is with you,God cares for you,HE loves you very much & HE understands.May HE strengthen you in this time,make a way for you where there seems to be no-way ,open doors of opportunities & may you get that finacial breakthrough soon in Jesus name.Amen!

Tell Us More About Yourself
A young African lady of 28 so blessed by the blogs.Been living in Asia for the past 3.5 yrs away from home,family and b/f.Its challenging but God is good HE is teaching me much.Through it all the good and bad,Im trusting HIM all the way.

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2 caretakers were late at night picking mangoes from a tree in the cemetry when 2 of their mangoes slipped and fell out of the cemetry wall.At the same time 2 men were taking a walk out just outside the cemetry when they heard the voices of the men who happened to be dividing the mangoes between themselves in the cemetry saying" One for you and one for me,One for you and one for you,then on remebering the 2 mangoes that fell outside,1 caretaker mentioned,what of those 2 outside??The 2 men taking a walk outside run for their lives...........ha!!!!! Have a laugh common!!

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