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Blessings For Obedience
Catherine, how true no one can rely on luck but we sure can rely on God's blessings which he pours out moment by moment every day; aren't we just so blessed?

Attend Church Or Go To Hell
A person's relationship with the Lord is what's paramount; and wanting to do what pleases him and if one of those requirements is to come together in fellowship; then lets do it for him. It's the least we could do for All he has done for us.

Favorite Christian Sayings
Did you hear about the lady who would never speak bad about anyone? The people of her church couldn't believe it; so one Sunday that asked Mrs Y her opinion of the devil thinking she wouldn't have anything good to say about him; she replied, "He's very persistent!" Wow, what a lady!

How To Grow In Christ
As said already, spend time with him, he is the best friend you will ever have & the more time you spend with someone, the more like them you become. The Christian walk isn't all serious & sombre, but freeing, liberating & very meaningful to every area of life.

Do You Walk The Walk
I have often stated about my walk with the Lord..."If my walk was as good as my talk; I'd be doing wonders for Jesus!"
It's my goal that the 2 will match up to the glory of my Father.

Do Doctors Or Jesus Heal
Whose report are we going to believe, Jesus or the doctor's? I'd been seeing doctors since I was 14, 6 years ago I believed God for my total healing, it didn't happen over night, but I kept trusting the Lord & he was ever faithful. Even when I didn't understand something I chose to praise & trust the Lord & kept my eyes on Jesus. He has already paid for our healing IN FULL. Accept it NOW.

Who is Jesus To You
Besides being my Lord, Saviour, King, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, my Brother, He is my BESTEST FRIEND!!!!!!!

Once Saved No Spiritual Growth
Work out your salvation with fear & trembling; we are in the process of being refined to be more like Jesus. This is my motivation to be like the One who gave his ALL for me. Salvation is not a 1 time thing, it is an on going work that each of us are encouraged to submit to.

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
Go where the Holy Spirit leads & guides you. And as you seek his perfect will you will know that you know. What he did for me he will do for you.

This Is The Appreciation Blog
I reckon an APPRECIATION BLOG is an xcellent way to encourage one another & show our appreciation. I'm a new 'kid' on the Block, but so far Catherine, Duane, Cynthia have both challenged & blessed me, ta muchly, that's a Big Thankyou!

Use Everything To Locate A Mate
For 11 long years I looked for Mr Right; he was nowhere to be found. Then by God's grace I became totally content; never thought about marriage; friends thought I was mad; one day I said to God, Okay if you want me married you fix it. And a few weeks later he did! Wait for God's best; the 11 years seemed like nothing when I met my man! And that's 20 years ago!!!

Asking For Money At Church
Too many pastors have looked at their congregations to meet the needs of the church, rather than looking to the Lord who has promised to meet every need according to his riches in Christ Jesus. I praise God for our 2 pastors who trust God & are willing to work, just like Paul did.

Explain John 1:1
Our pastor who is Spanish was sharing with us that the word...WORD in Spanish is translated Verbo...A verb as you know is a doing our God, Jesus is Verbo the One that DID the Father's will.

Baptism In The Holy Spirit
Catherine, Just a question if we can't pick our gifts why did Paul encourage the Corinthians to covet prophecy?
All the gifts are there for each of us; starting with the lowly tongues. Our faith determines much of what we receive. Shalom

What Is Sin Nature
Duane, thanks for the encouragement. The flesh nature is our carnal nature & that can never please God because its only possible to please God with faith. We are told to walk in the Spirit not in the flesh; our choice. Our position in Christ is that we are SINLESS, because of His righteousness, not ours. Be free in the freedom He wrought for you & your family.

Why Some Blogs Deleted
I'm new at this, but love it. How do I know where a blog may be placed? Have a blessed joyful day, everyone.

I Am 33 So Should I Worry
Simply wait for God's best; believe me he'll be worth it!!! And trust God he knows the desires of your heart. This is my testimony, I was unable to have children, but have 2 beautiful stepchildren (adults now) & 3 gorgeous grandkids. Thank you for God's choice .. I married in my 30's.

What Does God Look Like
Catherine, I agree God does have a sense of humour. God looks like you & me, cos when I'm looking at you, I'm looking at Jesus. And the more we fellowship with the Lord, the more of Him will be seen in us. We, His children look like their Heavenly Father. Great to be apart of the Family of God, isn't it?

Death Of Jesus Christ
I've been affected, no doubt about it, my life was going nowhere fast; I love 2 words in Eph. 2:4 (I think) BUT GOD!!! He made all the difference & still is; I'll never be the same, praise God, praise God, praise God for that.

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