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I'm A Recovering Agnostic
I suggest that you stop worrying about the end and begin at the beginning. Let the facts lead were they may. I can't say where they will lead you, but I would suggest that if you are wanting to know about Christ, that you read the New Testament through a few times specifically trying to get the meaning and the significant doctrines (especially Christ's actual spoken words), then try to find a church that matches that. If you don't have any luck at first, perhaps consider a rather open non-denominational church where people are more desirious to understand the word, than to indoctrinate you with it. I think that certain churches are closer to Christ's teachings than others, but that none of them have got it all correct.

Church With No Cross
I don't see a problem with using the cross to remind us of the love that Christ showed and how much he was willing to suffer for us. However, at the same time, I don't think that we need to get hung up on symbolisms. If the cross symbol causes you to think of racism, death, etc., it becomes hurtful, not helpful. Likewise, if we begin to worry more about the symbols than the substance, then we have begun to worship idols. I don't have a problem with a church or an individual using the cross symbolism appropriately, but I also have not problem with a church or individual that desires to avoid the use of that symbol.

How To Make A Man Change
It doesn't sound like you're married, so maybe now is a good time to get out of the relationship. As much as we may want to we can't make a person change. They can harken unto God and with His help make changes... that's the only way. So pray for your loved one's salvation, pray that he be touched by God's loving kindness, and remove yourself from the situation. God wants us to fellowship with the godly.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
NOT TRUE. The hypnotist does NOT have control of you, they CAN NOT make you do any thing you wouldn't normally do. Naturally we enter that state many times during every day. All I see here is ignorance. God doesn't administer meds, so is that wrong too? God doesn't fix broken bodies that cant conceive , so is IVF a sin too? We are given tools to HELP OURSELVES and so long as they are used for good not evil then there is no sin. In my mind, NOT helping yourself to become a better person is a sin.

Take Communion At Home
Shouldn't your concern be that you are taking communion for the RIGHT reason? If you are not saved, you are unworthy. Christ says this in 1Cor 11:27-30. The most important thing is taking communion in respect for Christ dying on the cross, not WHERE you take it matters its THAT you take it.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
I used to believe OSAS but that is no longer true. God gave us all "free will" and if you willingly disobey Him and not turn from your sin, you are not saved. What would be the point? Satan was in God's favor once....look at HIM? God called us to go out and preach the Gospel to every living creature. Pretty straight forward to the Great Commission question.

Take Communion At Home
Taking Communion at home isn't a sin, but should be taken with your Church WHEN possible. The reason for taking Communion seems to be getting lost in leagalism and Religious ritual stuff. Ask your pastor why you don't take Communion (since it's important) and if the reasoning doesn't make you happy, try a different church. Make sure you check out your next church before going. God loves you no matter what and if you can't take Communion at Church then taking it at home for the right reason is NOT wrong.

Do Catholics Know History
Are there only Catholics on these questions? I would like to hear from some Baptist and Pentacostal people as well. NO one but Christ is infallible and since each church is made up of man (born into sin)and each one is a sinner,it's impossible for them to be infallible. Christ is the ONLY one.

Spanking A 13-Year Old
I was spanked pretty regularly as a child and I consider myself to have turned out pretty well (I'm 24 now). I believe the last time I received a spanking was when I was 11 or 12, and I was careful about the choices I made as a teen because I knew that no age was too old. Even one spanking at the age of 13 might deter the child from considerably acting out again later on. Many people see spanking as abuse and they call it "beating"; however, when a child misbehaves, they need to be corrected!

How To Open An Orphanage
YES YES YES! God will make it very clear for you. Pray and ask God for confermation.Things will happen in His timing,and if He wants things to happen now it will happen now,if He wants things to happen in 10 years it will happen in that time.Be blessed that He has put this on your heart,and continue to pray about it.God Bless

Is Gambling A Sin
Do you think God covers His eyes once a year?
He's looking right down on those tables, the backrooms, and everywhere else. The girly shows, and all the other big payola shows.
It's not exactly a "Wally World", Vacation (Chevy Chase).

My Son Is Cutting His Arms
Even Christians can be oppressed by bad things. I love the Lord but still get oppressed by fear and depression sometimes and even self-abuse.

Sleeping With My Fiance
I have another question. I'm not trying to be too technical, but my BF both come from broken marriages. If I marry him would I still be technically committing adultery? And if I found a saved man and married him, wouldnt that would be adultery too? So, wouldnt it be better to marry the man I am with now and not commit another sin by finding another man and marrying him. I know about being equally yoked, but dont you think that if my boyfriend sees the change in me that it might lead him to the Lord?

Autistic or Asperger Christians
My 14 year old son has Asperger Syndrome. He had a really tough year in school last year. He had a lot of problems with bullying. I've been praying for him to have a better year this year.

What Is Your Best Christian Song
I love anything by FFH(FarFromHome)when I 1st got saved someone gave me their CD and it was the only music I listened to over and over to keep me where I needed to be

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