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Secretly In Love With Married Man
I was in the same boat not long ago. I couldn't understand why God would allow this person to come back into my life. God spoke to my spirit that I had felt this was the one who got away and I had been carrying much regret. I felt like if I didn't have this man, I had nothing. I believe God allowed this man to return to show me that I CAN live without him. When I accepted that I was able to let him go and let go of the aching about what might have been. Life isn't what might have been, it is what it is, and it's ordered by a loving God who cares enough about our needs to say NO when we're trying to meet them in a wrong way. My prayers are with you because it's hard but God is faithful, and He loves you more than any person ever will.

Sinful To Eat Too Much
So are those of you who are saying it IS a sin, actually trying to say that Heaven will be populated ONLY by those who were health nuts here on earth?! Those who were buff and in top athletic condition? Hmmmmm, I wonder then, what the reason is for God promising a new and glorified body to us????

Getting To Know You
I'm a loon in my spare time. I sing loon songs, write looney tunes and I am altogether looney.
I enjoy the blogs, archaeological digs during the summer months with students, camping trips.

Strangest Thing In Church
I find it highly unusual, that after 20 years, you're still telling the same old stories, using them as a crutch to be in unforgiveness towards whatever happened back wherever it was. I don't imagine we'll ever know what really happened, but I think it's left some emotional scars that have probably affected the way you look at everything and everyone. If not, this would have been over a long time ago.
Seek professional help before it's too late.

Abused By Pentecostal Church
Hello Mike, you haven't changed a bit.

Abused By Pentecostal Church
"MikeM is also teasing frequently to get reactions, but at the same time I believe he is watching the Christians here to see if they will take the high road."

It looks like MikeM took the low road one too many times as he has disappeared.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
Seek the help of a professional. She may need to know if she marries and wants children of her own someday. Genetics may be an issue at some point.

Does God Love The Disabled
Mentally disabled?
I think that some mental disabilites are of our own making, result of bad decisions. Severe depression.
But He does know the difference from those born with disability without a choice from those that maintain a disability because it's beneficial.
Physical disabilites? God knows what it's like for those disabilities.

I Hate My Wife
Maybe you should move back home with your family and stick your head under the bed.
Not really. Are you lazy?
If she calls you stupid, tell her that you had enough brains to pick her.

This Is The Whining Blog
Gasoline is $4 bucks a gallon in Frisco. People are parking their cars and taking the Bart. It's costing $120.00 to fill up a tank.
I think we better use coffee in our tanks, a cup of Starbucks is $4 bucks, too. Make your own homebrew and walk, ride your bike or attach yourself to party balloons and hope you make it there.

Told Not To Marry Me
They say the really best revenge is to stay married. Divorce gives them what they want.
Get even, stay married.

This Is The Whining Blog
Y'all should have a slice of Elder's coffee, that'll get the old metabolism moving.
Yes, Elder's coffee is better than kookade and stronger than gasoline. Put it in your car, it's like a rocket booster.

Every Idle Word Judgement
Will every idle word from every idle person that I've been be judged?
Or will only the real me be judged?

Drunk And A One Night Stand
jody, maybe you did and forgot about it.
That happens to me all the time. I've been so many people, when I'm tired I forget who I really am.

Flying In Your Dreams
I dream that all the time! Boy, I'm glad to know that others out there do too, I was beginning to worry about myself! :)

Land Of The Free
America is called the land of the free because people are free to question the leadership like THIS without being executed for it. People in Iraq WISH all they had to worry about is the fact that they were restricted from parking where they want, smoking where they want, or spitting where they want. I do SO hope this was a tongue-in-cheek question

Is Witnessing A Form Of Works
"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel" is all the explanation you need to give him. It's been my experience that people who don't believe in following the COMMANDS in the word of God whether it goes against thier 'comfort zone' or not, love to use this "you're preaching a works doctrine" argument more than anything. Oh, and their second favorite is "The bible says 'judge not lest ye be judged'!" (Sometimes it seems that's the only scripture they know)

Does 666 Scare You
Those who are saved do not need worry as they will not be here when the beast is let loose.

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