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Reading Harry Potter
One wonders if it has ever occurred to these nice, wonderful, "good" Christians, to ever read the books cover-to-cover. No? Well, lets see then, Harry is a LIGHT wizard, he repelled a DARK wizard when he was a baby, through the POWER OF LOVE. Before I go any further, one must point out, that the bible clearly states "and the greatest of these is love." Now, Harry fights against EVIL, and eventually triumphs over EVIL, thus saving the world from these DARK wizards and witches.

Reading Harry Potter
In addition to this, the poor child does NOT flaunt his wealth but in fact CONTINUOUSLY tries to share it with his poor friends. Harry has stated several times that he does not like being famous or the fact that he has to kill somebody, (due to a prophecy, kinda like the ones in the Bible).

Reading Harry Potter
In short, this story does NOT encourage children to be evil, it does NOT encourage cultists to rise up against you paranoid people, and it is NOT a sin to read Harry Potter for entertainment and an escape from this world for another. Oh, btw, I'm a Christian too...

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