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Statues Of The Virgin Mary
How does anyone really know if these supposed "apparitions" of Mary were REALLY Mary? How do we know they were not the devil trying to deceive people into believing it was Mary? Sorry, I don't want to offend anyone here, just proposing it as a possibility.

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
I think we are getting away from the original question. I don't think Christians should be walking around in public with naked parts of their bodies hanging out. If you want to wear sexy clothes for your spouse in the privacy of your home, that's fine. But we should use discretion in what we wear. We can still look attractive and stylish without showing cleavage, too much leg, or too much buttocks!

OK To Marry Divorced Person
Why are so many Christians making divorce the one "unforgiveable" sin? Is this the one sin that is not covered by the blood of Christ? I think not. I'm so tired of divorced Christians being treated like criminals.

No Money To Tithe
It makes me sad that several people have make comments that I gave grudgingly when I didn't have enough money to pay my bills. No one knows my heart but God, and He knows I never gave grudgingly. I gave joyfully to the point where I ignored my bills piling up, believing that God would provide the money to pay them. God wants us to use common sense and take care of our responsibilities. We are not to live by the letter of the law. If we do, we are no better than the Pharisees.

No Money To Tithe
Lucy, I have never given grudgingly. I thought I was following God's leading. Maybe I HAVE given out of fear because of what I had been taught about tithing, that if I didn't give EXACTLY 10%, I was going to be "robbing God". I am not angry, just confused right now. I feel guilty if I don't 10% of my income, but in order to give 10%, I don't have enough money left to pay bills and buy food. I really need God's guidance. Thank you all for your responses. Thank you R.A. for your support. :)

No Money To Tithe
Here I am again, still tithing but not enough money to pay my bills again. What is wrong here? This proves that tithing is no "magic" formula.

No Money To Tithe
R.A., thank you for your prayers! I appreciate that.

No Money To Tithe
R.A. - thank you for your response to my comment. I was again faced with financial difficulties last week where, if I gave 10%, I would have had no money at all to buy food. I don't think God wants me to give my 10% and then not eat for a week.

No Money To Tithe
I tithed for months and couldn't afford to pay all my bills, so I just ignored them. They sat there unpaid for months. My new husband discovered that I hadn't paid these bills and asked why. I told him I HAD to tithe or God would be upset with me. He straightened me out and made me realize I have a responsibility to pay my bills. God wants us to take care of our responsibilities!

Am I Able To Remarry
Well, I guess I'm in trouble then. I was divorced and got remarried to a Christian a couple of months ago. I guess I'm living in sin then. Why is divorce treated like the one unforgiveable sin? Aren't ALL of our sins covered under the blood of Jesus?

Demon Oppressed And Holy
Matthew, I am so glad that you have repented and come to Christ.... Praise God! I absolutely believe that as we draw closer to God and seek His will, the devil will be angry and try to deter us from growing in our faith and in our walk with God. Folks, note that Matthew said demon Oppression, not POsession. Demons most certainly can try to Oppress us to try to draw us away from God. If you don't believe that, you are leaving yourself wide open for these things. Use Godly wisdom!

No Money To Tithe
Of course we should give out of a grateful heart to God, but whether it should be 10% or however much is between the individual and God. Maybe we should stop fighting about this. Give with a cheerful heart, not with a heart under bondage of fear that if I don't give I will be cursed! The way some of you talk, it sounds like if I don't give PRECISELY 10% TO THE PENNY, I will be cursed. So if I give $200 a month instead of EXACTLY $210.80, God will curse me? That is ludicrous.

Coworker Has A Bad Mouth
Thank you all for your good advice. I wrote her a letter a year ago after we had a misunderstanding and apologized for my offense but also told her I was offended by her cursing and swearing. She just got more angry and hateful. I agree that there is demonic influence going on with her. I will continue to pray for her salvation.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
Josephine, please DO NOT marry a non-Christian man! You are setting yourself up for heartache AND you are disobeying the Word of God, just as our brothers and sisters here have said. Wait on God for a Christian mate!

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
Alan and Jay, I pray that God leads awesome Godly women to you in His time. :)

Who is Creflo Dollar?
Brothers and sisters in Christ, I don't think we should be calling each other "evil" in these blogs. Do you think it makes God happy when His children are fighting amongst themselves? I don't even like reading these blogs anymore with all the disrespect being shown.

My Boyfriend Is Skinner Than Me
If your fiance is making comments about your weight, then he is disrespecting you and you DO NOT deserve that. You are NOT being overly sensitive. I am a short, round lady, and my husband always tells me how beautiful and sexy he thinks I am. God has blessed me with a wonderful Christian husband. Seek God's will in your relationship with your fiance.

Who Was Norman Vincent Peale
To those of you who are criticizing Dr. Peale's beliefs and dubbing him a heretic, have you read any of his writings at length or are you making your judgments based on reading a few passages? I have read much of his writings over the years, and he most certainly was a born-again believer who based his teachings on God's Word and leading a Christ-centered life. What is "un-Christian" about positive thinking? I don't think Christ would want His followers to be walking around depressed.

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