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My Wife Pregnant By Other Guy
For better or worse. You did right by forgiving her. But ask God for the peace, courage, and strength. I know this may be very hard on you right now. I've been there. In your wife shoes of course but Im not proud of it and I have been forgiving and shown mercy from God and my ex-husband but I will never regret my babies been born. They are still a blessing from God and it's not their fault. But if I have to be honest. I've told both my husbands that if the shoe was on the other foot, I would forgive regardless but I won't remain with them no matter how deep my love. God gives us all choices and I know what I can handle and what I can't handle well more like "I won't handle" My choice. Just like it's your choice.

Is Pretending Considered Lying
In one word, YES.

Does God Answer Prayers
I can't tell you why God doesn't answer your prayers but I also won't tell you to give up. Everthing is done on God's timming, unless we as humans do something to interfere with it, as sometimes we do. Just don't ever give up on God. Stay prayerful, strong and keep the faith.

How To Make Someone Believe
Give your son to God. God doesn't push Himself on us. God gives us all choices in life. If you keep pushing your son into this, you could make it worst. I know you love him a great deal and he's bless to have a mother who loves him unconditionaly but let go and let GOD. Only God can fix this. God can do what no man can do and that's the impossible.

How Should I Pray
Matthew Chapter 6

Punishment For Abortions
Giving them over to God. Praying for them and not wanting nor desiring to take matters into your own hands.

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