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Are Obama's Comments Unwise
Shira: Respectfully, how do you know what the president thinks of himself, or who he hates, or doesn't hate? Can you read his mind? I honestly thought only God knows the hearts of men. Just curious.

How To Beat Depression
Stop looking at boyfriends to make you happy. Stop focusing on your tragedies. Life for most people sucks. If we focus on the negative things, we can't see God's blessings.

What worked for me: Get into a women's Bible study, and get some female social support. Find a Godly woman to mentor you, and teach you from God's Word. Meditate on God's Word. Get into volunteer work, even if it's only serving in your church on Sunday morning. Make a daily gratitude list, even if it's only to thank God for the sunshine. When I first started writing my lists, I could only thank Him for my children, and the nice weather. As time progressed, it grew to a list of over 40 things, every single day.

Are Obama's Comments Unwise
Leon: When I referred to racism being alive and well, I meant that it is so healthy it's not going away any time soon.

Nikki: You appear very narrow minded. It is clear, even to some Republicans, that Obama was not inciting riots. In fact, immediately after the verdict he told people not to riot, and the majority haven't. His speech was to encourage respectful dialogue on the topic of racism. He spoke from his own experience as a Black president in a country divided by race.

I saw a video of two white racists trying to incite a riot among people exercising their First Amendment right to protest what they perceive as an unjust verdict.

Divorce The Back Slidden
What kind of father figure leaves his wife to marry another woman?

What have YOU done to try to restore your marriage?

It is your responsibility to love your wife as Christ loved His Church. When did you meet the good Christian woman? How long have you known her?

Have you tried marriage counseling? If your wife won't go with you, why don't you go alone?

Are Obama's Comments Unwise
President Obama did not give up his right to free speech when he took his oath of office.

He has the rare experience of being the FIRST African American President of this country.

Race still is a tough issue here. I've studied it, and have observed it in my life,

I've seen racists in action. I've witnessed people in my daughter's in-laws' use the "N" word, just this summer.

No, he is not inciting riots or promoting racial hatred. He's trying to begin a dialogue on a topic that still exists. Racism is alive and well in the U.S.

Meaning Of Numbers In The Bible
I go to a Baptist church in DC. We are looking at the numbers in the bible. The significance of the numbers as you have laid them out is correct. Please keep sharing what you have learned so others may thirst for the words of knowledge!

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