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Christians Don't Know Bible
These bokes (good reader)which be called Apocrypha, are not iudged amonge the Doctours to be of like reputacion with the other scripture, as thou mayest perceaue by S. Ierome in epistola ad Paulinum. And the chefe cause therof is this: there be many places in them, that seme to be repugnaunt vnto the open and manyfest trueth in the other bokes of the byble. Neuertheles I haue not gathered them together to the intent that I wolde haue them despysed, or litle sett by, or that I shulde thinke them false, for I am not able to proue it: yee I doute not verely, yf they were equally conferred with the other open scripture(tyme, place, and circumstaunce in all things considered)they shulde nether seme contrary, ner be vntruely

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