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Been Diabetic For 20 Years
Take your insulin! You are risking your life!
We don't know why some are plagued with all sorts of diseases and problems, but you/we must deal with them.

My sister was diagnosed with Diabetes when she was 3 years old, she's now in her early 60's. She is plagued with many illnesses that diabetes causes, arthritis, loosing her sight, brittle bones, knee and hip replacements, I could go on...
She still prays for a healing. Will she ever live to see that, no one knows.

You are risking dropping into a coma with your sugar level so high!
God will give you a reason to believe if He chooses to heal you.
Until then take care of yourself as instructed by your docs!
Keep praying brother, but also take better care of yourself!

Proper Blogging Manners
Bruce this is "ChristiaNet"!
Its sad that it has turned unruly often and is looked on as 'entertainment'.
This site should stay locked in on biblical questions and answers.

In a debate you share your thoughts without fear of fingers pointing at you telling you that you're wrong. Accepting each other as we are and keeping an ear open for God's leading.

Arguments on the other hand is the name calling and finger pointing because some have differing beliefs.
We can share our beliefs and hopefully learn from each other.
However we must be depending on God's word for our Q's and A's.

Unwed Pregnant Daughter
My niece got pregnant when she was 15. Her dad,cried and hugged her when he was told. She was so afraid that she would be ostracized by the family.

When reality set in, she knew our family loved her and would be there for her. She finished out her junior year of high school at a school facility in town that was set up for unwed mothers. They taught the normal studies, plus classes in childcare. She delivered a healthy boy right after her 16th b'day. She went back in her senior year to her old high school and graduated with honors with her class. Her son is now in the 4th grade and she has worked hard to further her education. She works as a lab tech and x-ray tech at a local hospital. She remains unmarried and a great Mom!

Hookers For Jesus Marries
I know a woman in Las Vegas that was a 'lady of the evening' many years ago.

She has had a ministry for about 25 years of helping others to get off the streets, off drugs and into a safe house to hide them from their pimps.

Once they're ready, physically and spiritually she helps them to leave the area so they'll be safe.

God can and will forgive all sin if asked with repentance.

The Father's Knowledge
Agreed, while Jesus walked the earth He didn't posess all the knowledge of the Father.

However I think that when He died and later ascended to the Father, He had all knowledge.

He returned with the Holy Spirit who imbued Him with all knowledge.
Just my humble opinion.

What's Up June 2009
It looks like most of you 'kids' are doing better than the last time I stopped in, happy to hear it! God bless you all.

Today is my birthday and tomorrow is Steve's. So we're both another year older.
At our ages its become a solemn occasion! J/K

Menopause Due To Fall
"barb,look at the blogs. my point is there are so many questions which have no bearing in sanctification.Im othere words wordly matters which only reveal the power of the flesh to bring death too the spirit".
---tom2 on 6/5/09

So true Tom2! Did you read the question about penguin poop and whether its biblical or not? Oy Vey!

Tracking Penguins From Space
TY for the giggle Alan!!

Menopause Due To Fall
Leon, is 'mentalpause' the same as having a 'senior moment'?

Did I already ask that?? <-:)

Sons Bad Temper And Yelling
I agree with MEW. Food additives such as the ones he mentioned are poison! Aspertame/Nutra Sweet causes changes in the brain, it can cause much damage!

If this is something new that he's doing, get him on natural foods.

Also have a frank talk with him about drug/alcohol abuse.

Abortion Doctor Was Killed
No he/she wouldn't.

Secondly, I don't think that a true Christian would kill the doctor who did the abortions.

What's Up June 2009
You're most welcome Alan.

When you go on holiday, you really go for it my friend!
That sounds wonderful, a walking holiday in Hungary!

God bless you and enjoy a wonderful trip!

Going Woman To Woman
NO 'idol' of mine Susie!
He was said to have 'slept' with every woman who was the leading 'lady' in each of his movies.

Creepy guy who commited slow suicide from all the legal, and illegal drugs he took over many years.
He wasn't just fat from his diet, he was like a balloon, bloated from all the drugs he ingested, or injected.

Menopause Due To Fall

Nope Tom2, some of the questions are really unanswerable as far as knowing the mind of God.

As far as medical questions, they're best asked of a doctor, or at the very least looked up on a doctor's Q and A site.

Signs that you're experiencing menopause:

You sell your home heating system at a yard sale. (Hot flashes)
You find Guacamole in your hair after a Mexican dinner. (Fatigue)
Your husband complains about snow piling up on the bed. (Nightsweats)
You write post-it notes with your kid's names on them. (Memory loss)
You take a sudden interest n "Wrestlemania". (Female hormone deficiency)

Wife Has Menopause Symptoms
Thanks Leon, I drop in when I can. Good to see you!

What's Up June 2009
Oh Alan I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. We'd been praying for the husband of the lady who runs the shop. Will she stay in the UK or go back to her own country?

I hope all your water problems are solved!
I dropped my phone in water once. I took out the battery and dried it as best I could.
I let the phone sit open for a couple of days and it dried out and worked just fine!

Menopause Due To Fall
"Behave Barbara"!!!
Do I have to Leon??

Its the same as PMS 1st Cliff, it just lasts a LOT longer! Been there, done both!

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