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Crying Over My Daughter
I agree with MP in that you need to have full confidence in the caregiver of your daughter to feel comfortable with the situation. The Lord knows how hard it is for a mom to leave her children to go to work. It is a very difficult adjustment at first for every mother! Hang in there, pray it through, and make sure that your daughter is in the right place in order to be happy and healthy.


Jesus Is The Last Adam
FF - that is such a great answer, I think it's perfect!

Are The Spiritual Gifts For Today
If Emcee is quoting Isaiah as "gifts of the spirit" that refers to the seven spirits of God. If the 12 fruits of the spirit are proof that we have the holy spirit, compare that list and the church - boy, does anybody have the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit comes when we accept Jesus as Lord, it's up to us whether we use it or not! It is through the Holy Spirit that we can access all the spiritual gifts listed in the Bible. Don't forget that discernment, mercy and faith are gifts of the spirit, along with the power gifts - tongues, prophecy, interpretation and healing.

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