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Adam And Eve Had No Faith
The subject is correct. Faith is not believing that God exists. Faith is believing what God said, and acting upon it. James says that "faith" without works is "dead". Eve had worthless faith. She knew God existed, but did not believe what he said- believing in his substance, but not God's character. Satan's attack, "DID GOD SAY..." undermining her belief in the Goodness of God. She put faith in the devils words, and lost all she had. God had created her in his "IMAGE" and his "LIKENESS". Satan said, "When you eat, you will be LIKE GOD." She was already created LIKE GOD. She lost that LIKENESS when she ate the fruit. Jesus restores us through faith into the "LIKENESS".

Did I Curse God
Rachel: Jesus says that you can be forgiven, just ask.
Matt: vs 31"Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. 32"And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him, but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come," (All Scripture quotes are from the NASB).

Is Mary Full Of Grace
If mima is a trouble maker then so was Jesus. Mima, only presents questions, and challanges your walk with God. Didn't Jesus do the very same thing there, Alan Of UK?
When people are ignorant and persistant about their false beliefs and hatred of the truth, it always stirs up a hornet's nest. You can always tell a true Christian by their fruits, and you can always spot a lost person by their fruits, as well.
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What Is Your Favorite Food
Lorra, WINE SAUCE! Just kidding.

Is The KJV A Catholic Bible
fmr. Catholic, I know exactly what you are saying. I sense a closeness to God when I am in the King James Bible, like no other bible. This is true. It is the preserved Word of God.

Is Gambling A Sin
Susie, you are over reacting. No one is gambling for Jesus clothes here. Basically your talking about a 1 dollar lottery ticket. Non believers are not looking at a Christian for buying a ticket or even winning a lottery. They are mostly looking at their love toward them and especially other Christians. I have been saved for almost 30 years and God is not as condemning as you are. Go easy. Take care of your own matters.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
I have learned something in my time as a Christian. God can work through anyone he wants, even an evil man to help someone, for His purpose. If we remember that one thing, we have just begun to learn a little about humility. Not that I'm that humble. The Lord still has a way to go, there. God get's the glory, no matter what. I know that goes against the grain of our flesh, but it's true. Jesus said that without Him we can do nothing, and I'm learning everyday this truth, more and more.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
Just because someone says that they are born again does not necessarily mean that they are. That term is being thrown around alot lately. This can give the right people the wrong name. Jesus said ... "You will know them by their fruits."

Catholic Worldview Revealed
In 313 AD Constantine became a Christian to take advantage of an unholy union with Rome, so he would have religious and political power. A Heirarchy was formed, and within it, Christ was dethroned as the head of the churches and Emperor Constantine enthroned (Only temporarly, however) as head of the Church. The Heirarchy was the DEFINATE BEGINNING of a DEVELOPMENT which finally resulted into what is now know as the Catholic or "universal" Church. The Baptists wanted nothing to do with this.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
1) Ed, the beliefs are not the same, because most Catholics don't believe in the free gift of salvation through Jesus alone. The good works follow as a result of being saved. I know what your thinking, "Catholics do good works". True, but they do them to earn God's favor. A born again Christian does good works through the Spirit of God. The Bible says that these works were prepared in advance for us by God. He knows what we don't.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
2) Ed, I am not blaming you, I was a Catholic myself for years, and I could not get this because I was not walking in the Spirit if God. I was trying to do things on my own instead of being led by God. Sometimes God doesn't want us to do certain good works, because He has a better plan to help. We are not God. His timing is everything.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
1.) I started out in the RCC. I am not a Baptist, but a non denominational. The Baptists were part of the original church. they were called Ana-Baptists, who followed John the Baptist, who followed Jesus. After John the Baptist was beheaded and after Jesus rose from the dead, this was part of God's original Church who carried on through the ages. Of course these early Christians met with much resistance from Satan. People tend to forget that this is a spiritual battle.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
2.) These Baptists or Ana-Baptists, as they were called were true followers of Christ. They did not compromise or change anything from what Jesus taught. They were the hated people of the Dark Ages. Their preachers and teachers were thrown in prison and put to death in untold numbers. The world has never seen anything to compare with the suffering, and persecution, heaped upon Baptist, by the Catholic Hierarchy during the dark ages. This is all in recorded history and unbiased. Just a short summary.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
a.The worldview of the Catholic Church is not a good indicator. It's a shame, but the Catholic Church started out on the wrong foot. While real Christians were being persecuted and killed for the Gospel of Christ, the Catholic Church was thriving and prospering in the political realm and also persecuting others as well. This is a fact and can be easily proven. Most Catholics are'nt aware of this and the traditions continue in different forms, to this day.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
b. More and more money is poured into the Catholic Church everyday. There are some good charities that are sponsered by the Catholic Church, and they do some good, but they need to get out from under the veil of traditions, and focus on Christ. This is holding them back.

Ear Piercing A Sin
Wow, this is ridiculous. Nobody here knows exactly what God wants or expects of us. There is nothing in the Bible that says anything against getting anything like a piercing or tattoo. Even if there is, there's no way to know which way to interpret it. Why don't we all stop worrying about God smiting us for stupid things like ear piercings, and start worshiping him, huh?

Difference Between Catholics
Augusta - Why are you making your belief so complicated? Why not get a good King James or NIV bible and let God minister to you. It will change your life, for that is where God's truth is.

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