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Offended By Women Pastors
Hey there, it's not right that a woman be a pastor, what it means by a pastor, is saying that it is not right that women be the head of the church, only men should be. Although nowhere in the bible have i ever read that it is not right for a woman to teach the bible. You can evangelize outside the church. Just never in the church.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
The bible says that God is perfectly righteous and just. Also you are judged only based upon what you know. So obviously sending a baby to hell based upon absolutely nothing, seems to me to be unjust, which would conflict with God's attributes.

Is Obama Muslim
Did you here that Obama is a Christian and the Jesus is his Lord and Savor. But John Mc is a Christian too. I think it is a Great Idea that We Vote in a Christian President Such as Obama. Obama will do what Christ commanded and help poor people through jobs, and other programs. Lets be like Christ and help the poor.

Scripture Against Christmas Trees
Christmas is a pagan holiday. Truthfully and simply christmas was not even CLAIMED to be Jesus' birthday until the year 400 by a roman christian emperor. It is not a Christian celebration in anyway. It was a means of celebrating the sun god "Baal"

Falling Away From God

I think that everyone with a tender heart has felt as you feel. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Thanks be to God for purifying our hearts and saving us out of the midst of our worst choices! I refer you to two scriptures. The first is Luke 18:9-14, where Jesus compares the prayers of a Pharisee and a tax collector. The prayer of the tax collector is simple: "God, be merciful to me, a sinner."

Falling Away From God
If you can say those words with a sincere heart, then be sure that God hears and grants your prayer. We are not saved by anything we have done. We are saved by the mercy God has for us sinners, and by that alone. All that is required of us is to ask God for that mercy, which he as offered to us by the blood of Jesus, and he will certainly forgive us and heal our hearts.

Falling Away From God
The second passage is John 21 where Jesus restores Peter, who had betrayed him three times. There could be no worse sin than what Peter had done. He knew that Jesus was the Christ, who would die for the sins of the world. He had pledged to lay down his life with Jesus (John 13:37), but in the moment of truth he failed to do so, instead denying that he even knew him three times (John 18:15).

Falling Away From God
Yet such is the mercy of God that not only was Peter forgiven for his sin, but he was made a great apostle spreading the word about Jesus to all nations. As Jesus foretold, at the end of his life, he was even given the chance to do what he had failed to do all those years before: die for Jesus (John 21:18). Our God does not forgive us grudgingly, just barely letting us slip into Heaven.

Falling Away From God
God forgives us wholly and eternally, and, over time, makes right in our lives what we have done so disastrously wrong. His grace not only defeats our evil nature, but destroys it with a majesty that resounds from Heaven to the Gates of Hell! Do not doubt that God has both the power and the desire to save you. Praise be to God!

Are Roman Catholics Christian
*sigh* How little you know the RCC. The reponses I've seen against the RCC so far have been simply, wow. I encourage you to look into the Church in an objective way before making such strong conclusions about it.

Explain Matthew 10:37
You have to put God above family in priority. In the life of a Christian the priority must look like this. 1. God 2. Spouse(if married) 2. Familiy 3. Career 4. Ministry (what you do in the church)

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
Frank, I never tell anyone that they or their loved one will be healed. I just tell them what the word of God says and to believe for God to do the miriacle. The burden of proof is on God. By not sharing what the word of God says we are withholding the truth ergo we are lying. If someone dies and we neglect to tell people who were seeking the truth then the blood is really on our hands. If you want to proclaim truth that I deem as blasphemy then tell me what it is and back it up with the word.

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
Frank, By beleiving in the healing for someone is what God wants for all of us. This whole "if it be thy will" theology is a lie from the pit of hell. Jesus never told anyone no when they came to him seeking to be healed. It is up to us to stand in faith and believe for their healing and by no means is it considered blood on our hands if they don't get healed and die, that is not even in scripture. We are to align ourselves with Isaiah 53:5 and let God determeine the rest.

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
(Part One) Just a two suggestions I want to make. I personally don't deny the medical facts and in this case your daughter is gravely ill.Some might call me radical but I think it goes against it goes against faith to say your daughter is dying.

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
(pt 2)Faith is speaking into a situation and calling it though it is not as though it already has been done.Instead of praying "God heal my daughter if is it's your will." Pray "God I thank you that my daughter is healed and we will tell of your great and might works.

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