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Christians Don't Know Bible
The research results are because of "sloppy grace". People think that the Bible is hard to understand, doctrine/theology is for the occupational minister, and actually obeying God's Word isn't required to get into Heaven because, afterall, Jesus paid the price for everyone, so why deal with any of that stuff?

The unfortunate reality is that there are good churches full of good people who simply aren't part of the Kingdom. It's sad, but it's all predicted in the Scripture.

The evidence of a true believer is the Spirit of God in them. They don't have to prove it, it's evident by the fruit of Love, gifts of the Spirit, power of God, and authority of Truth that's imparted in their lives by God, not fabricated by themselves.

Are True Christians Sinless
As genuine, born again Believers we are both sinful and sinless. This is because we have 2 natures: The spirit and the flesh.

In the spirit, we are holy, blameless, above reproach - because of the work of Christ. Col 1:22

In the flesh, we are carnal, sinful and sin is working in us. Gal 5:17, Rom 7:22-23.

There are many very real dichotomies in the Scripture:
First will be last, leader will be servant, be humble yet be confident, walk in fear before God yet boldly come to the throne, walk in authority yet submit one to another, and many more like these. They aren't contradictions, they are dual realities and our sinlessness/sinfulness is one of them.

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