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Why Do You Love God
I love Jehovah because of his kindness, patience, and love. I love him because he loved me first, and although I have faults everyday, he helps me through it. I also love him for reprimanding me when I am wrong in my folly. I've learned that a parent, who reprimands their a parent that wants the best for you. I love him and I try to show it by following his word, and not letting anyone tell me otherwise.

Hookers For Jesus Marries
I don't mean to be a little abrupt, but I think that she should change her title. I think that it would be better if she calmed it down a bit. I like that she is helping people a lot. At least someone has kindness in this evil generation.

All I Want Is Heaven No More
Let's not argue about who Jehovah is, and isn't. That's for Jehovah himself to decide. Let's be nice to one another, and uplift one another as brother and sisters. Okay? :)

Decided To Stay A Virgin
Yea! :) I'm not the only one! I decided to stay a virgin too!! I told my family, and I was so upset with them because they treated my like I was about to make a horrible decision. But I know the lord will bless me with other things than children, and I know he will bless you too. Stay clean my friend. :)

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