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Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
Dawn, ,

Congratulations on identifying what abuse is and taking the step to admitting it is happening to you. The first part is alwyas the hardest.

I agree with Judy. The NO MORE statement is true. Put it out blatantly. He Might not see that he's being a jerk, but incase he might, let him know that his actions will warrant negative consequences (You'll Leave).

Abuse is Abuse. Mental, Emotional, Verbal, Physical. There is no sugarcoating it.

Do you want to be with someone who ruins your joy and your family? He must learn accountabillity as well.

Just remember you shouldn't need to be Afraid in your Relationship. If you are. Its' time to get out. Believe me You're Better Off!


My Wife Wants A Divorce
Ask her one question, as you deserve to know what made you so "rotten" to stay with and the other bloke so much better to hang around.

"What as so wrong or what did I do that made me not good enough to be your husband anymore? "

Tell her to give you that much so at least you will have closure and can move on, and not to be such a coward and run away from a covenant you two made.

Be prepared as you might not like what you hear if she oblidges and tells you. The truth will set you free but first it will tick you off terrible.

From there, if you see a light to make amends take it and work on it. If not, I'm sorry for your new found bachelorhood.

Why I Should Sell Evil Music
I work around the local music industry. I know many musicians from metal to folk to accustic soul. I also know a great church band that does some rockin' Christian music. I could see them working together to create something that could reach those that enjoy metal/hardcore music AND Love God. Are you giving God some due respect and honor with your music? Does it give your spirit some awesome feelings of energy and get up n' go. (to do the things that God set you out to do?) hang on to them. Does it insite you to do some damage? Burn them. It's that simple.
ps: Roadhous Blues by the Doors will still be the best song in my book. haha

Should Jews Become Christians
Bernie. GREAT question. Thank you for asking it.
Feel free to read up on the New Testiment and discern for yourself. If you have any questions about what you read, you can take it to a pastor or someone you know is non biased but faithful. Do you know what I mean? Someone who can answer your questions and help you see what lies ahead for a Christian, but not someone who's going to shrink your head and/or make you feel demeaned.
I'll say this on my side of the promised land: It's a challenge at some times but there's a certain connection I feel with God that is irreplacable. And quite wonderful. And Christ. It's a good thing.
Feel free to write me at nicoa9384 too here if you like. :D

Do Catholics Read Their Bible
Question: Do Catholic's Read their Bible?

Answer from the Nicola Gallery: YEP!
And I'll be doing more of it Looking for things to teach 10th graders this year for CCD class. As there are no text books for this grade and I wouldn't know where else to turn to for lesson plans. mmmmmmmmmmmm parables! Love'm!

My favorite has to be the Good Samaritan. No matter what or where this person came from that got the crap beaten out of him, The Samaritan guy was the true neighbor and helped him out showing GOD'S LOVE.

Isn't it pathetic that we have to resort to trite comments and petty one liners.

Feel free to bash this post. At least you'll be leaving some other poor sucker-mackarel-snapper alone. PEACE!!!

Are Divorced Christians Failures
Stand tall and confront her about her adultery. Be willing to hear and process what she has to say if she's open with you and confesses. Women cheat, stistically, out of lack of affection. I'm not saying anything against you but if you're lacking in the tenderness department. Dont be so quick to toss the rocks at her yet! I'm not defending her. But I am putting something out there to ponder.

Consider marraige counselling. If you have a trusted pastor that helps too.
Last but not least, look her in the eye and say this: "Do me this much respect from now on-Either you're Honest or Faithful" And leave it at that. Either she is Faithful: no more adultery or Honest: She's not happy and wants out clean.
Good luck.

Keep From Resenting Hubby
First off, Congrats on the newly sober lifestyle. Secondly, I will highly advise you to pack up and separate and give him a clear understanding as to why you are doing it. Tell him you love him but you refuse to enable him or support his decision to use. You owe yourself and everyone you hurt and healed relationships with to keep yourself clean.
Next, get a strong support system. Be it AA or something at church that you can get a good moral band of friends that can keep you on the sober road.
I wish you the best success with your new clean life. I really do. God Bless You!

Will A Degree Help My Career
Here's some helpfulness for you:

From now till the new year '09, Decide to be nondecisive about where you want to go with your career. Even if you have ideas as to what you want to go for. Write them down if you know and add/subtract as you research each job prospect and school. Tell yourself that you will remain indecisive till the new year then you'll make your decision where to go and what to do.
I did that and I was asked to aide in a Sundayschool room. I got there early to make a good impression and I was the only one standing in the class room feeling like I just got HOME.
That was actually God saying: "Remember when you wanted to be a TEACHER?

Do Catholics Read Their Bible
Where is it located where the hand is no greater than the foot? Can anyone tell me?
I'd greatly appreciate it. peace

What Can I Do To My Husband
You can't change a person without them resenting you. And what good is that when you want what's best for them.

Praying for him is a good thing. Dont talk crap on him within an earshot of the children. Talk to someone trusted about what you're feeling and how to move on with the new life. Work on making some small positive changes in your life so that you can be a good caregiver to your daughters.

Over the course of a half of decade, God has been working with my dad and my brother's mom who've been going on and off for quite some time, this last one being the worst for all of us. It does work.

Reponse To Cults At Your Door
"Hi.. . Sorry Dont want Any.. . Have a nice day!"

That's what I say. I commend others to spread God's Word and teach others about God. It takes guts nowadays to actually go out there and just DO it. I have nothing against them as long as they get what that first sentence means. Sometimes I might even talk to one of them. When I see a long wind blowing from their head, I cut it short. It's that simple.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
I'm sorry, your hubby is a child himself. When he made vows with you he should have been mature enough to accept you as the packaged deal with your son. You would think that after 4 years, he'd give up being such a jerk.
Tell him to grow up. You can be firm in what you expect in the marraige without being unChristian.
I just want to say God Bless the Good MEN out there who act their age and treat their wives' children (that are both theirs and not) well and show the children BY WORD AND EXAMPLE! how to be a man and/or what to look for in a man.

God Answers All Prayers
Expect sounds kind of rude. I hope. I believe that God will take care of me no matter what I pray for, but it might not be what I want. But It's always what I need. and then some spare for the road. and always something to have a good laugh over afterwards.

Is All Pride Bad
Pride as what happened before the fall -yes is bad.
Pride, for lack of a better word when someone refers to taking great care in your appearance (washed, groomed, caring for what God gave you to work with on this earth) is not.
The Term: "Take Pride in..." meaning, When you take care of things given to you or you buy you are showing gratefulness.
When you are thinking that you did it all and God had nothing to do with it, that's when things get sticky. Not good!

Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
I dont even understand the term "Bib-ber". What in the world is that? A wino? No. I prefer "Friend" or "Savior". Those work for me. If I was in my young 20's back in the bookstore poetry days, I'd have taken the wino title. But No. I prefer to call Him Friend and Savior. That works for me. Thank-YOU!

I Hate My Husband
This sounds like the blog I read last night about the guy who hates his wife. What a bunch of nonsense! Grow up!

Are You Losing Weight
For those of you who have a hard time loosing, have you ever tested your thyroid? Not just levels but antibodies as well? Hashimotos Thyroiditis also hinders loosing weight. Top that, It's depressing. People dont take accountabillity how thyroid affects everything in your body. It's all not just gluttony. I'm having a very hard time loosing and I eat nothing but vegetation! AND work out every day after work.

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