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Revoke The 14th Amendment

Don't use the benefits that was given to my Ancestors and me to bash and LIE on Trump.

You are true Progressive Leftist.

You change, replace words to trick people to follow your way of thinking.

Trump NEVER said he wanted to revoke the 14th Amendment.

He said he was going to STOP birth right citizenship.

Please note I SAID stop NOT revoke. You can't something that isn't the law.

Democrats who didn't want to give Blacks Citizenship Now want to destroy American Blacks with low wage non-citizens Hispanics.

It ALWAYS goes back to Democrats still hating Blacks for walking off the Plantation!

Christians For Hillary Clinton
Andrew Tesoro. He owns a small architectural firm and was asked to build the clubhouse at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York.

Did you read what I told StrongAxe?


I was asked to be Trump's Personal Nurse while on the campaign trail.

Now you understand? never posted the Cases' names. Only the people's claims.

I quoted several of the people's names in my previous post.

//Trump INSTRUCTED his employees to stiff clients...How much more clear can it be?---StrongAxe

You are making STUFF UP.

Show me a DIRECT Quote from Transcripts that states that and the case WON?

COMPLETED Case name. Person vs Person?

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