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The Gift Of Healing
It is ordinarilly that who has the Gift Of Healing be called upon to heal someone and the ones without to Pray while it takes place.

Don't Talk Bad About Spouse
I totally agree with you on the subject. I practice this. Not only in forum but in everyday living. If he or she does if you pay attention it puts you in defence of yourself. Others do it for advice from someone that may have went threw the situation or have some knowing of the situation. Also ones that feel saying it to someone who does not know the spoke of can not hurt anyone.

Why God Has Forsaken Me
Forsaken is a big word. I also have few real true friends. I treat others with respect and get so little respect back. I feel that when I go threwthis God guilding me from harm and hurtful people and eventually to ones who truely care abut eachother. His love is there. You just have to have faith.

20 Year Old Man And 40 Woman
It really depends on what they want. In this year and age age is nothing but a number it has nothing to do with maturity. I can not see being 14 and 18 or round about that age. If it is more than 20 years It's a big decision. People can not always let wht others think or say hinder what could truely be a blessing in this age. It is no different than a 40 year old man and a 20 year old woman. I know the ups and downs in this cause I am currently experiancing the same age differance minus a several months to 20. But I do not want to marry him. Our companionship is enough at the moment!

Women Submissive To All Men
I ask a pastor the same question. And do not get the statement wrong. Submissive can be taken way out of text. Not as to bow to your knees. But in a understanding way. In some ways people look at it like we are to do what they say no matter how we may feel. But what if the thing they ask you to be submissive to is wrong in your eyes? What then. I do not treat all men the way I treat my signifigant other. But I still try to practice showing respect. Just do not let the statement go overboard when it is being said. Look the word "submmisive or submission" up in the bible or a dictonary to get a true understanding of the word and see exactly how it is used in the verse

The Truth Will Set You Free
I see the same thing everyday. They are not ignoant to God's truth nor do they reject it. What I see is they have become comfortable and now comfortable scared to turn back because of consequences. Now they think all I have to do is one day repent for the wrongs that they may have done. But do you know that God looks at how many times you repent for the same behavior? And some people are in bondage and do not even know because of the way things may be happening to them. These are the two biggest things that I see now. I remember tho that Satan offers beauty wealth and comfort. But at a price in the end. There is a difference from helping those in need of those things. Than offering in vain of profit for yourself.

Discipline For 20 Year Old
No it is not being cruel you are standing firm. And yes it can cause a influance on your 15 year old if he choses to go that direction you will get the statement "You let him do it" and will cause another disturbance in your home. The key to it is encouragmenet. Looking at time frame, and if your willing to even show the 15 year old you are offering help and guidance to the 20 year old to do better than force to make him ( your 20 year) old move into what you want without assesing the situation further.

Promises From God On Remarriage
God has made promises to me for me to be remarried to someone. He keeps putting it in front of my face in his own way. Let me say this it is not time frame. In his eyes you are setting your own time frame by constantly waiting to see something. He offered comfort to wht you asked and now you live moving forward. He puts blessings in front of you to see not on top of you for you to look and wait and have no understanding. Let me also say this while you sit and wait and ponder on when you are givin Satan a foot hold in the faith area. With doubt, by even asking how much time. Stand in faith. By questioning your doubting your own faith in God.

Why Does God Make Me Suffer
He is not making you suffer he is trying to tell you to walk with him threw this time instead of trying to take matters into your own hands. I find it much easier to deal with things holding his hand and believing he is by myside in things tht I do.

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