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ProLife ProChoice
//DNA evidence proved that. Unfortunately, that science was not available at the time of his trial.//

There has been innocent people behind bars for decades until DNA evidence PROVED they were innocent and were RELEASED.

There are number of times you can appeal your case, not a time limit. (not statue of limitation)

//He is a governer, with the power of clemency - to balance errors in the legal system.--StrongAxe

NO to playing god.

Why should a Rapist get clemency from anyone if he was tried by a peer of 12 and sentenced by a real Judge?

How is that fair to us REGULAR FOLKS?

Please cite the person wrongly prisoned in Indiana and Pence refuses to overturn 12 jurors judgment and a Judge sentence.

Marry A Much Older Woman
Worry, by mistake, Strongaxe.
You have to read the postings slowly. I made the same mistake as well.
You want to address sameboat not me.

You said: One can only truly love ONE person at a time.

This is why God only loves one of us, and mothers with one child love only one of them. Oh wait. That's not right...---StrongAxe on 8/18/15

One can only truly love ONE person at a time. If I'm in love with her, how can I date someone else? How do you break-up when there's still mutual love?---sameboat on 8/16/15

Trust me, show her your blog and these postings, and she ---Nicole_Lacey on 8/17/15

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