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Finish It Here_Feb 2017
//so your cute but STUPID remark only again shows you are dishonest in misrepresenting others...Not Christlike at all Nicole.//

Be nice

//RCC STILL have Jesus on a cross, and not risen.--kathr4453 4/3/17

Now in ALL 4 GOSPELS, Jesus is risen, but He FIRST DIED.

//Christians don't LIE blatantly. You just did.//

Actually you just did, because I DON'T ANY CHRISTIAN that doesn't lie.

//If you perhaps can back up your imaginary statement with fact, then do so, or REPENT.//

His Resurrection is in the Gospels. (Towards the end)

//LIARS cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You do know that don't you?---kathr4453 on 4/17/17

Yes they can as along as they repent.

You do know that don't you?

Are Jews Christians
StrongAxe, the OT + NT is the BIBLE!

Jews DON'T CALL their Scripture the 'Bible'.

Even they know that the Bible means BOTH the OT and NT.

//Jesus and the disciples frequently mention and quote scriptures.//


Their OWN Scriptures we TOOK and added the NT renaming it the BIBLE.

//The Jewish ones - because the New Testament hadn't been written yet!//

SO WHAT? They STILL DON'T use the NT!

//Google "Jewish Bible" to see how wrong you are.---StrongAxe

REALLY? You Trust the Internet OVER the words of Practicing Jews? WOW

FIND a Practicing Jew who REJECTS Jesus, but ACCEPTS a Christian Rabbi as their Valid Jewish Teacher?

ONE? Please cite your answer.

Water And Holy Spirit Baptist
//telling me to mind my own business is "your" nasty side.//

Nicer than you calling the Jewish feast a FICTION, PAGAN, LIE, NO MIRACLE and on and on from you.

//What exactly is your problem,//

I DON'T LIKE BULLIES. That's my problem.


//..not everyone agrees with you, even Jewish people?//

I pray they didn't see your NASTY comments about their beloved feast. But if they did: yes they would agree with me.

As you freely INSULTED the Jewish People I freely insulted you.

It ISN'T nice is it?

//Move on Nicole,---kathr4453

I will MOVE ON as SOON as you stop INSULTING the Jewish People.


Not Saved Comment
//statement above is something you made up. When a Christian falls into sin in a Protestant church, they are not said to be " not saved",//

I use to Church Hop
Assembly of God, Baptists of varies types, Church of Christ, Church of God, and many more.

//out of Gods will, or back slides, and then measures are taken by the church to RESTORE that person back into the will of God.//

Those are only the ones who DON'T believe in Once Saved always Saved.

For those who believe in Once Saved always Saved are the ones I am speaking about above.

//Why do you lie here---kathr4453

If you had READ the whole statement you wouldn't accuse me of lying.

Read the whole blog before going on the attack.

What Are Vain Repetitions

Nicole Lacey, what is the Lord's Prayer, and where is it found in Scripture? ---Rob on 7/20/16

Jesus is our ONLY LORD.

Luke 11:1-13
One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.
He said to them, When you pray, say: Father,hallowed be your name, your kingdom come. Give us each day our daily bread....

Thus called 'The Lord's prayer'

It is the ONLY prayer from Jesus given to His disciples.

Also in Matthew 6:5-15

Also known as 'The Our Father' prayer because it takes the 1st 2 Words of the Prayer as written in Matthew.

Illegal Immigrant Issue In USA
Cluny in relation to Rob topic it is speaking about illegal immigrant issue in the U.S.

What do you think about the Mexicans who claim they have not cross the boarder but it crossed them. Meaning that the United States had no claims to California?

Of course they are wrong.

So as the Native Americans who freely crossed into now California and Mexico were made a certain legal status when the USA set the line for forever. As the Berlin Wall.

Marry A Much Older Woman
Strongaxe, are you suggesting God has our limitation?
He became a man, but still remains God.

This is why God only loves one of us, and mothers with one child love only one of them. Oh wait. That's not right...---StrongAxe on 8/18/15

Remember the verse, where God states "even if a mother forgets the baby in her womb, I'll will NOT forget or forsake you.

Why? Could it be because God is God and she is not?


Disabled People Treated Badly
This appeals to my sense of ironic justice, especially if you tell them that to their face.--StrongAxe on 6/25/15

I don't think I understand your comment?

I know exactly how Deb feels. Because I have been a victim of being called a fake or accused of being lazy.

So are you joining them hating on me and Deb?

Because I had MCTD since 1992.
I know how mean people are to those suffering with pain, but have no visible signs of being in pain.

People are mean!
I hope you were not putting me down with my autoimmune disease.
If you were not, I am sorry.
If you were, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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