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I Don't Think God Is Real
Hello Sparky.

I am curious about what you said. Can you give me the scripture that says what you imply? If you don't know about God you cannot be held accountable for the wrong you do.

False Prosperity Message
Jhonny, money is a tool. It is not corrupt in and of itself. It cannot be since it has no spirit and no soul. It cannot think therefore it cannot choose. It is as you say, the person in whose hand the money lies has the power to choose to be corrupt and use money to that end. It is the PERSON that is unrighteous. Not the money. Even God has used it as a tool and still does. The fact is, some can be trusted with it and some cannot resist the temptation of self-indulgence.

False Prosperity Message
Dare I say this?

It tends to be the person who cannot resist the temptation of self-indulgence or the person who does not have money or the person who does not understand how to use money that claims that MONEY is evil and unrighteous. The ACT of SERVING or WORSHIPPING or LUSTING after money is evil. Only a person can choose to act in such ways. Money is inanimate.

Are Jews God's Chosen
Thank you Jack. The only reason I asked is because I am a Jew by birth right and I honour my heritage. I honour the Jews.

Most of all, I honour Jesus Christ - the Greatest Jew who ever lived.

Are Jews God's Chosen
Before anyone asks - NO, I am NOT a Jew for Jesus. I don't even call myself a Christian since Christ NEVER used that term. I call myself what Christ called all who receive Him. I am a Believer and Disciple.

False Prosperity Message
Is it possible that God chooses specific people to be financial stewards? I grew up poor which led me to God. The closer I got the more wisdom I received on how to use money and make it grow. Many people were provided for through it. The more faithful I proved, the more I received until there was more than I knew what to do with. But I confess that it is a CONSTANT temptation. EVERYDAY, I have to focus on the Kingdom and it's purposes otherwise I will loose perspective and my stewardship. It's not fun.

Are Jews God's Chosen
Hi Jack.

If God has changed His mind about the Jews being the chosen people, please explain the Abrahamic Convenant to me. God said it was an EVERLASTING convenant.

Perhaps I am missing the point somewhere.

Immigration For Non-Christians
America is beautiful. I can understand why American's are Xenophobic. God once blessed you with amazing favour but you became greedy and self seeking, caring little about the rest of the world except to try to dominate it. Now you don't want to share your prosperity? Perhaps you no longer have God's favour. Look at what has happened in your beautiful land since 9/11. You live in perpetual paranoia and constant fear. You no longer know enemies from friends and your leadership is corrupt.

Behind On Our Mortgage
May I humbly offer testimony? I come from a poor background. My father was always unemployed and selling our belongings. Growing up this way brought me to God and the one thing I asked for was wisdom to deal with money and make it work for me. God gave me that through one scripture. Seek FIRST the Kingdom and all things will be ADDED to you. I realised I had to make EVERYTHING in my life about Kingdom first otherwise my needs would not be met. It did not happen immediately but now I need for nothing.

Behind On Our Mortgage
Continuing: People believe they put the Kingdom first and yet their needs are not met. Seeking the Kingdom is about MORE than obedience. It's about understanding HOW to apply Kingdom principles in your job for instance. Do you work for a pay check or use your job for the Kingdom? Do you point everything you do there to Christ or make it a habbit to include Him in everything you say and do? Do you do your work to the betterment of others first and point it to Him?

Don't mean to preach just help.

How Does God Talk To You
Hi Mima.
I am also interested why I heard God's voice! My life is less than godly. However, the Word seems to indicate that this kind of communication is characteristic of God. "Abraham, Abraham" God called just before He established an everlasting covenant. "Moses, Moses" God called just before sending him to lead His people. He did it with Samuel too. Has God chosen me to change the world? Unlikely. MAYBE there is something He purposed me for that MUST get done. Just maybe.

How Does God Talk To You

I know this will sound crazy but here goes!

I have heard Him speak to me with an audible voice twice. Each instant was months apart and both times He simply called my name. That was years ago. At first I thought I was delusional but I recently realised that it was Him by a confirmation I received through the Word. Now I recall that after each instant I heard Him call my name, my life altered DRASTICALLY. Don't know if I will ever hear Him that way again but I sure do long for it.

Who is Joyce Meyer?
Wow Frank. Your blog started out so well and spiritually steadfast in making your point.....and then, your last statement contradicts everything you said. I thought Jesus brought mercy for all and if He had mercy for even a convicted criminal beside Him on the cross then why would He not show mercy for Joyce Meyers IF what she is preaching is incorrect?

You seem intent on damning anyone who does not follow YOU.

Afraid To Go To Church
Hello Everyone.

Back to the topic.

I believe God's main objective in all He has done is 'relationship'. Relationship with Him and relationship amongst His believers in His church which is meant to demonstrate the relationship between Christ and His Bride. Alas! Relationships require that we expose our vulnerabilities and that is hard. It takes committment and TRUST. Unfortunately, it is mostly the TRUST factor that is abused. This makes us afraid of church.

Why Pray To The Trinity

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God. He was in the beginning with God." John 1:1 NKJ

Ok, so let's determine who or what the word 'Word' is in reference to.

Another thing, has anyone ever noticed how Jesus NEVER referred to Himself as the Son of God? Not once. He only ever referred to Himself as the son of man.


Obedience Brings Blessing
The closer I get to God, the more I realise that the greatest blessing God can give me (post salvation) is His mentality. By thinking the way He does and having His wisdom which means applying His principles in my everyday life, I am "empowered to prosper" so yes, obedience to God's percepts creates the opportunity to prosper. That is what the word "blessing" means - to be empowered to prosper. It works. The results in my own life have been phenomenal.

False Prosperity Message
The closer I get to God, the more I realise that the greatest blessing God can give me (post salvation) is His mentality. By thinking the way He does and having the wisdom to apply His principles effectively, I am "empowered to prosper". That is what the word "blessing" means - to be EMPOWERED to prosper. It is not just about obedience to the Word but also the active and strategic implementation of God's principles in everything we do. Preaching anything else would be mis-leading.

What Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
Well said Duke. Indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven / God is a mindset / mentality. It means actively living out God's principles / statutes / percepts which invariably manifests godly results in the physical realm. Believers and unbelievers will know that you are a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven / God by the way you think and behave. More importantly, they will know by the RESULTS it produces in your life. It is real and it is here.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
May I ask a question? Jesus Christ told his disciples he had to go to his father so that he could send the spirit of truth to indwell all who believed on him. I understood that to mean that the only condition for the indwelling of this spirit was accepting Jesus. I understood that when this spirit indwells, a change will take place in terms of mindset which will affect actions and in turn produce a new character and THAT would be the evidence of the indwelling of the spirit of truth. Is this incorrect?

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