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Sister Or By First Name
Kathr, why does the wife have to tell everyone to call her sister?
If they refuse to listen to the Pastor what makes you think they will listen to her?

Seven Spiritual Works Of Mercy
Kathr: even friendly sodomy with a non stranger is beautiful in the eyes of the Lord.//


That's like saying friendly rape is beautiful in the eyes of the Lord.

Jesus With Taxes
StrongAxe: There is NO SCRIPTURE that said he did not.//

Mark 12, Matt 22 and Luke 23 specifically proves my point.

Jesus had money because the Bible states Judas helped himself.

Then it's one of the charges of NOT ONLY not paying taxes (a person can not pay but wishes he could). They went a step further saying Jesus OPPOSES to pay taxes.

**Meaning disapprove of and attempt to prevent, especially by argument.
**actively resist or refuse to comply with (a person or a SYSTEM).
**synonyms:be against,object to,be hostile to,be anti,be in opposition to,disagree with,dislike,disapprove of,

//Absence of proof is NOT proof of absence.//

Ingornig Scriptures proving you wrong doesn't mean you are right.

Fire At The Notre Dame
StroneAxe, NOW, you are coming to my side!

I didn't jump to conclusions until France JUMPED to conclusions when they claim it was an accident before (as you said) "SAFE" to go in.

//We, as Christians, should rely on Biblical standards of justice (i.e. two or three witnesses),//

Are you a Muslim? What's with this 2 or 3 witnesses?

Which Countries besides Muslims Countries ones demand more than one Witness?

Next you will claim a woman will need 5 men witnesses.

//sufficient evidence must FIRST..Mere accusations are not enough. There must be EVIDENCE.//

No 1st comes SPECULATION!

**the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

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