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What Does Shondo Mean
I was wondering what does the word shondo mean. I was'nt taught how to say that. The spirit of the Lord spoke it out of me one day. I look the word up myself. I did'nt find it yet. I'm still seaching. I know it have a heavenly meaning to it. But I was told it mean turn around. When I find it I will post it. For the believers and non believers.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Do you believe M.Monroe's teaching about heaven.
He says that the bible started on earth and will end on earth - that man was not created for heaven.
Is that true?
Myles says that our spirit goes to heaven, but when our bodies are resurrected we will live back on earth in the New Jerusalem.
Is that accurate?

I Strayed Away From God
If you've opened up the door to every wind of doctrine,false religions; you are more than likely under the influence of an ungodly spirit, not the Holy Spirit.
It is very possible you need a deliverance from those false religions.
If you have confessed your sin, repented, and are still weak, - it will be an act of your will to receive a deliverance from false religions that caused you to stray.

I Strayed Away From God
Mark 5:1-43
The man of Gadarene was the victim of a power he could not resist. It compelled him to take his clothes off, cut himself, cry out, and dwell among the tombs.
But he was still able to resist enough to fall at Jesus' feet and worship Him, seeking deliverance.
He was still able to use his will.
Joel 2:32
It is by faith, only asking.

I Strayed Away From God
Prod24, do you ever read the Bible, or just books about the Bible.
The Bible gives someone transformation,
other books are only more information.

Dear Lady, you've already read so many other books, another book will only bring you more confusion. Do not seek a word or counsel with another false teacher.

You need to repent of false doctrines and religions. Find a strong minister of the Gospel to help your reconciliation back to God.

Weight Loss Tips
Rebecca is right. A lady died a month ago at a water drinking contest. It was a promotional contest, she didn't win either.
She chugged as much water as she could in a short amount of time. It killed her. Electrolytes and everything else went haywire.

How Do I Move On
You have to forgive him. I bet you are still saying he is the love of my life. He is not. Jesus is. Let Him be the love of you life. You have a broken heart. Keep praying, but pray for healing in your heart. Jesus is waiting for you to give Him all your burdens. Stop holding on and fall in to arms of the true love of you life. Jesus Christ. He is waiting.

How Do You Find A Way To God
Since you have been away from God for so long the first thing you need to do is to get very humble, pray Lord please reveal me any sins I have in my life. As He reveals them immediatly repent asking for forgiveness. He may do this immediatly or it could be done a little at a time. Trust Him. He is faithful to forgive. True repentance is what He requires. God bless you

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