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Why Did Jesus Have To Die
For that matter, didn't God create everything, even Satan and sin and evil. Why does he demand a blood sacrifice for something he created? Sin is nothing more than the things created by God that he does not like, it isn't like evil pre-existed before God. God made it. Why demand that someone die for it, especially eternally in hell if that were real?

Holy Spirit Confuses Us
For some reason the Holy Spirit can't seem to get anyone to agree on anything. Everyone seems to think they understand things by the Holy Spirit leading them, but the next person to come along will have a different interpretation. Seems like the Holy Spirit is doing a poor job. God my need to recall him and send somebody else. Oh, wait, the Holy Spirit is God. Now what to do?

Can I Marry A Married Man
The Bible nowhere condemns polygamy, nowhere. It only gave a couple of instances where it was not to be practiced, for Church leaders and some kings. You can't say the Bible condemns polygamy it doesn't. Again I say however that the law of the land is against it, so NO you can't do it. We have developed a better sense of womens rights nowadays than the Old Testament views.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die
There is only one God right?
Jesus is God, just like the Holy Ghost, right?
So God died for sin. I mean God basically gave himself, in a human body? Jesus was not another God was he, he was a manifestation of God, right?

So, why couldn't God have just forgiven sin, without putting himself in human form to make it look like he was dying for us, when he wasn't really dying, it was just his earthly body dying.

Why Did God Create Hell
God would be the most sadistic of Gods if he really burned most of his own creation eternally in hell, especially since most of them probably never even had a chance to hear about him. Hell was a creation of the Catholic Church, not God.

Holy Spirit Confuses Us
The Holy Spirit it seems teaches one thing to one person and something totally different to another person. Just my observation. He is a Ghost after all, so maybe he has memory problems.

Can I Marry A Married Man
According to the Bible only men can marry two or more women, not the other way around. So, no you can't, and I think there are laws against this kind of thing.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die
Lets be honest. Jesus really didn't die, right? I mean Jesus is God and God can't die, right, he is eternal. So what died was Jesus's earthly form. This is where it gets confusing. If God requires a perfect innocent sinless blood sacrifice to take the punishment for all of sin, (the things God does not like), how does putting himself into a human body, (to have himself live out that perfect life in human form), and then killing that body, pay the debt to himself? I don't know, like I said it is confusing.

Fight To Stop Abortion
Don't aborted babies go to heaven?
So what blood would there be?
It is like a get out of hell free card.

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