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Pay Off Debts Or Pay Tithes
Yes you should tithe after all it is not God's fault you are in debt and the Word says to give. As far as offerings that is a personal decision. I do not know your circumstances and why you are in debt and whether you are spending in areas that are not necessary. Probably very few people would give if they only gave when not in debt. Personally I believe you should not be in debt except to pay for a house as you would pay rent money anyway which is just money thrown out the window. All other things should wait until you have the cash. Having said that there are always exceptions depending on your circumstances.

Diabetes In Children
I think diabetes can occur at any age. But I have learnt in the last few years that most diseases we get are caused by our diet and if we ate God's original diet as prescribed by God when he first created man kind we would rarely get sick. In the beginning we were to eat of the fruits on the trees and the plants from the garden and no meats and processed foods. To get the most nutrition from our food we need to eat mostly raw as cooking destroys the food value.


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