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Geocentrism Or Heliocentrism
Warwick do you deny your belief that God created the earth is fact?

If you dont, then where is your proof?

Drinking And Ministering
So why don't you go with him?

I know a lot of couples who do that. It would be a good opportunity to expand your ministry

Obama Helping The Economy
Really, Mr. President? Exactly who is the "We" you refer to? How did you land this "partnership" with God and does God even know about it?
---ralph7477 on 8/21/09

Obama has as much right to make this claim as Bush, Palin, McCain, and even YOU, Ralph.

Regardless if you support him or not, half of the people in this country still approve of him. This is in spite of the pitbull politics the right throws at the American People.

Please feel free to run for office if you think you can do better.

Payday Loans For Debts
NO, NO, a thousand times NO!!!

These are nothing better than legalized loan sharks... The interest rates can be upwards of 750% and more.

If you are having financial troubles there are many things you can do. Contact your local Consumer Credit Counseling Service (be careful about these too.. some can be crooked. Talk to your creditors and see if they will do a repayment plan.

Just stay away from Payday loans!

Take One Off Of Life Support
NOWHERE, NO, NOT ANYWHERE in the New Testament will you find Jesus Commanding any body to pull the plug ---Eloy on 4/24/08

NOWHERE, NOT ANYWHERE in the Bible will you find IVs, feeding tubes and respirators. These are man made. If God wills it, they will survive with or without the machines.

Pulling the plug and putting a gun to their head is NOT the same thing.

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