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Should Obama Be Impeached
I am neither white, black, red, or yellow. I am a HUMAN BEING. WE are all the same in God's eyes. You may find it entertaining to separate people like that, Pa pa, I'm not here to divide people like that. That's whan Martin Luther King taught about. Why don't you get a life?

Should Obama Be Impeached
All you people hating on Obama need to get one thing right. No one is better than no one. Obama knows that and thats why he has worked to eliminate the rich and poor. So what he had to break a few rules doing it. So some people like to work and some don't, so what. You shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to do, that's what freedom means. That don't mean you deserve less than other people because they like to work. There are enough people that like to work to make a good life for everyone. President Obama knows that. Hope they change his term to life term instead of 4 years, then one day instead of just president of USA, he could be president of the world. He is the best think this country has ever had.

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