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Strange 44 Year Old Single Woman
I agree about the mods and misleading titles.

I once posted a blog about how many churches kick singles out of the church singles group at age 30. They titled the blog 30 too old for marriage. That is precisely why I was offended. They only poured salt in my wounds.

Lack of understanding or sensitivity towards singles in the church is far too common.

What Do Mega Churches Teach
Mega Churches are abominations like those mentioned in 1 Corinthians 3:1-4.
---Rob on 1/5/11

And just how many mega churchs have you visited in person to arrive at this fallacious conclusion?

You lump our own Lord and savior Jesus Christ in that category. Just how many people DID he preach to at one time in one location? I seem to remember some number like 5,000 at least.

The so-called mega church I attend has a solid statement of faith based upon sound Biblical foundations, and has over 400 SMALL groups of 8-15 people that meet weekly in private homes for intense Bible study - much like the NT church did.

Best Church Denominations
The best denomination is no denomination. But even some of those are denominations. I went to a non-denom Bible church for 12 years. In reality they were Plymouth Brethren, which claims to be non-denom. Their mantra is "let scripture interpret scripture". The people in those churches also have huge theology libraries in their homes. They don't get hung up on stuff like pre-trib vs. post trib raptures...yada yada yada...

Divorces Three Times
The real question is where is he at now? There are several people at my present church including the leader of our singles group who have been divorced three times and remarried. Most of them will tell you that they had a lot to learn before they finally got it right on the third try. And many people have a track record like that until they repent and become a Christian. You can't place a lot of blame on something someone did before they became a Christian. But, it depends on what you think about divorce and remarriage too. I mean, for some people just one divorce is too much.

Jesus' True Birthday
According to the Bible, Jesus was born during the fall feast of Tabernacles in September. It was later changed to Dec. 25th by early Christians during the time of Constantine who liked the Pagan celebration of the sun god and winter soltise - however, this in NOT Biblical but Pagan.
---Leslie on 12/27/10

It was not because the Pope liked the pagan celebration. It was because he wanted the church to compete with the pagan celebrations and attract people away from it and into the church. Learn your history!

Why Stay In Church

You know you don't have to start out with a church building. Plenty of churches getting started meet in public school auditoriums, movie theaters, or rented store fronts. Sometimes a high school auditorium can be rented for only $100 a week or something like that.

Help From Church If You Tithe
Holy Scripture does not dictate how churches assist families ...there are many ways to assist without money
--Rhonda on 10/16/10

You only got it 1/2 right. Holy scripture DOES say how to assist - or how they did in Old Testament Israel at least. Just do a topical study on the "poor tithe". Tithes were food, and 1/3 of all tithes went to take care of the poor - or to be more literal, the full take of all tithes every third year.

Social Drinking Christians OK
The lost people of this world will see my witness long before they will listen to my testimony. We are commanded to avoid even the appearance of evil. If the lost can point at me and say that I live like they do in any worldly way my testimony and witness is lost and God may not use me in that persons life.
---Harold on 10/15/10

Gee, once when I drank just one beer with a pizza my co-workers commented on how good my witness was. None of us got drunk and they told me that it was nice to see I was a normal person not caught up in legalism. It helped my witness. C.S. Lewis had the same idea.

Why Is Abortion Wrong
I heard a high court judge speak on abortion once on a major Christian talk radio show. She posed a very real and perplexing scenario.

If all aborted babies go to heaven and all non-Christians go to hell, then should we be more concerned about the aborted baby that ends up in heaven, or the unwanted baby, born to a crack addicted prostitute that grows up to join a drug gang and get killed as a teen in a drive by shooting only to end up in Hell?

Christians who oppose abortion have an obligation to the unwanted babies.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
\\If you believe the flood story then you really need to read about the large mammoths found in Russia frozen with undigested tropical leaves in their mouths.\\

Mammoths clearly do not have the same shaped bodies as dinosaurs, especially therapods, if their skeletons and fossils are any indication.
---Cluny on 10/7/10

That was my main point. The Bible does not discuss bone structure - just size.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
What says they were dinosaurs? There is no such literal statement.

Many say they were a large mammoth. There have been many large mammoths found buried in geologic strata from that time period.

If you believe the flood story then you really need to read about the large mammoths found in Russia frozen with undigested tropical leaves in their mouths. The only way that might have happened would be a rapid cooling caused by a vapor canopy collapse in once tropical regions.

Freemasons A Cult
Gordon ... you have ignored my second question.

when did the Masons start working for the NWO.

Masons have been going for centuries ... I think the NWO is a much more recent thing.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/29/10

Actually, if you can find some of the centuries old Masonic literature or someone who has left the lodge and who can quote it by author, book, and date, you will quickly see that the founders of Masonry did in fact envision a world wide order or "brotherhood" extending to the highest levels of governments.

Freemasons A Cult
Harold-- So you believe they take this oath literally? I think not.
---Donna66 on 9/28/10

Oh really? You obviously have not done the research to uncover the documented cases of Freemason murders. A little research into some historical writings is all it takes to uncover them.

And, what about the corruption in Scotland Yard? It was so bad they could bring no one to trial because the "brothers" would not testify against each other.

Help From Church If You Tithe

\\Remember, in the OT tithes were always food only - even though there was money during that time period.
---Obewan on 9/26/10\\

That's not what the Bible actually says.

Deut 14:24-26.
---Cluny on 9/26/10

Cluny, that is the very passage I would cite to prove my point.

If the food was too big to carry, it was converted to money which was then used to buy food at the temple location. If the tithe could have been money why were they commanded to convert it BACK to food?

Help From Church If You Tithe
That pastor or his wife obviously have never done a topical study in the OT on tithing.

A full 1/3 of all tithes were used to support those in need. I don't think there were any conditions.

Many OT scholars also maintain that only farmers, herders, and agrarian members of the tribes of Israel were even required to tithe.

Remember, in the OT tithes were always food only - even though there was money during that time period.

Freemasons A Cult
Obewan-- What do "undercover" videos prove?
Nothing. Anyone seeing an "undercover" video of some of your church services (or mine) could conclude all sorts of strange and frightening things...if they were so inclined.
---Donna66 on 9/25/10

You ignored the other 1/2 of my post. Their own publications point to a lot of suspicious (at best) beliefs and those concerns were substantiated by the undercover videos of actual rituals.

Did you look for the book "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements"? It is a scholarly work and goes into great detail with supporting documentation and was written by an expert historian.

Is Tithing Mandatory
If you ever encounter a pastor ranting about "robbing" God by not paying your tithe, just ask him what he does with the poor tithes.

In the OT, Israel was a theocracy type of government and a full 1/3 of all tithes and offerings were dedicated to social welfare programs. Today we do not live in a theocracy, but our social security and medicare taxes are for the same purpose.

My current church gives less than 1% of its total $6 million annual haul to missions or "poor tithe" needs. But, we have a full time athletics "pastor" at $70-$80K just to head up basketball, volleyball, softball, and golf, "ministries".

Can Women Propose To Men
You don't have to propose. If you know him well just tell him you want to define the relationship and see where that leads.

Focus on the Family even has a website called Boundless. It is a webzine for Christian singles.

They have developed a thing called the DTR assessment. It is a series of survey questions. I think it is free. One of you or both of you take it and it gives a result by defining the relationship.

Democrats Lose Mid-Term Elections
Here is FL it is a real horse race that the Dems may win..

Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for governor is a convicted thief who never did his time. He was owner and CEO of a chain of hospitals that had the largest Medicare billing fraud in US history. They were found guilty of false billing, admitted to it, and paid a record fine of over $1.5 billion.

His personal gain from that was over $300 million and he never paid it back or went to prison. Now he expects to get votes for public service. I would vote for a 20 year prison sentence - nothing more.

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