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What Is The GREAT Deception
KATHR4453: Thanks for the questions concerning the importance of Sabbath obervance.
It was always more than just picking a DAY to observe.
It had to do with recognizing Jesus as Creator of the Sabbath which he stll wants us to keep holy. The Sabbat is a mark/an ID between Jesus the Creator and us His creations.
It has to do with trusting Him to tell the truth. He told His people not to gather
Manna on the Sabbath but to gather a doube portion on Friday. Some obeyed Him and had enough to eat, some thought it did not matter and their Manna became rotten.
It is a matter of choosing which Master we
will obey, the Lord of the Sabbath or the promoter of the 1st Day of the week.
Conclusion: My birthday is June 2nd. If all of a sudden I were forced to observe my birthday on Nov 28, I would be upset and you would probably undestand.So it is with God!

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