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Marriage Feast Invitation
Hi exzucuh - We all need a laugh sometimes! :-)

Explain Phillipians 2:5-11
Philippians 2.5-11 may be my favorite Bible passage. It shows that at the end of the ages the whole universe will be reconciled to God in Christ Jesus, and everyone will have heartfelt recognition of Him as their Lord.

Why Was Jesus Baptized
Perhaps one of the reasons Jesus was baptized was to purify the waters of baptism for those who would be baptized as his followers later.

Marriage Feast Invitation
Perhaps the best way for you to guarantee your seat at the Marriage Supper is to have yourself murdered as a martyr.

144,000 In Revelation 7
Hi Eloy. You have made a good point. Anything anyone says is in a sense symbolic, as the words we use are but symbols for actions, things and concepts.

Is Evolution A Biblical Concept
The greater stress that is placed on the Bible, falsely, as a scientific textbook, the more it loses its power as a spiritual textbook.

Explain Matthew 6:28
Matthew 16:28 is just a literary device to lead into the very next verse, the beginning of the account of the Transfiguration.

Did God Cause Haiti Earthquake
The Haitian earthquake is punishment from God according to Pat Robertson, who is, by his own admission, one of America's greatest Christians.

Obama's Healthcare Plan
Will Obama's healthcare bankrupt America? America's already bankrupt. The health care plan will get medical care to my wife who is a little too young for Medicare but too ill to work. We already had to sell our home to finance two operations she needed. Any more operations and we'll be out on the street!

144,000 In Revelation 7
The whole book of Revelation is symbolic. Therefore the number 144,000 contained in it must also be symbolic.

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