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Explain The Ice Age
There is clearly a 6,000 year chronology in Genesis. There are not evolving mountians, Lost Worlds, plate tectonics, sedimentary rocks, fake fossils, or ice ages. I will not spend time debating with those who mutulate, compromise, or attampt to discredit the Bible with scientific ramblings. Why is this evolution talk allowed on a Christian website?

Why I Should Sell Evil Music
Heavy metal, any secular music or books are deemed unholy. The only way to deal with trash is to throw it away or burn it so it will not effect others. Burning evil material has gotten a bad rap, but I am not afraid to stand against what the world calls intolerant like book/music burning. To be intolerant of sin is no vice.

Creation Museum In Kentucky
Its about time someone stood against the devils museums! Dinosur is a word made up by in the 1800's by non-believers. for the most part these 'recreations' are the products of mans over active and foolish imaginations. All the rest of such 'science' is about man trying to put himself above the heavens like satan. I say support Mr Ham and the creation museum.

Explain The Ice Age
'ice age' is another of mans inventions like dinosaurs. dinosaurs were named by nonbelievers in the 1800s who found a few bones. Dinosaurs like the 'ice age' are products of mans over active and very foolish imagination. Beware of evolutionist influence. Even the childrens film ice age'was evolution propaganda aimed at our children. We homeschool do to garbage like that in the schools and in culture.

Explain The Ice Age
The idea of an ice age has been conclusively shown to be a fable. No vast glaciers covering large parts of the northern hemisphere, and consequently there was no melting of any ice caps as hypothesized. These evolutionary theories, like the ones about mammoths and mastodons were invented by atheists to discredit the Bibles Genesis timeline. This fable reaches all corners of our nation and would be almost difficult to root out.

Explain The Ice Age
Fossil beds are a jumble of bones scattered about. Imaginative scientist fashion the bones to create ancient animals that never even existed. Most of these bones were produced in their own labs. In school you children are sold a bill of goods, their faith shattered.

Science today is a hotbed of atheist evolutionist misinformation. Carol or any concerned parent must consider the merits of allowing children to attend government schools where they can be indoctrinated with scientific absurdities.

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