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God Does Understand Us
Do you have me confused?

Where have I said anyone is suffering due to their sins?

You are going to have to retrace and find out where you got off track.

I have NO CLUE what you are on about.

Post my quote or drop it.


By Faith In Jesus Christ
Mima Careful reading of what you quoted reveals it is not a sentence, and therefore does not mean anything.

Metal Music Good As A Christian
I wouldnt think God would approve of that type of music. It's not of him, so he sure wouldnt approve of it. If your a christian, you wouldnt want to listen to it. Maybe satan tells you you cant get over it, and he's a liar. You do all things thru Christ who strengens you! God doesnt hate you, he loves you very much!! Pray for God to help you get that out of your life. Listen to gospel music. Remember, whatever you listen to, it feeds your soul.

American Churches Ears Tickled
I can honestly say I attend a church where my pastor tells it like it is! He doesnt tickle our ears, or uses a powder puff. He doesnt preach the "cotton candy" sermons. In this day and time we need that kind of preaching. Sometimes it falls on the preachers, they want a crowd, and wont preach it like they should in fear of offending the congregation. And your so right, American churches are in need of prayer....along with the people. We have to have a made up mind that we're going to serve God.

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