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Pastors Teach Tithing
Since he went to Seminary and knows.

I have to say your "Pastor" is lying! Tithing is strictly the law. Heretics and false teachers use it line their pockets with money. No other reason!

Ask him why he isn't keeping Kosher?

Ask him to show you the specific verse in the NT, that says you should "Tithe" not give, but "Tithe" (legal 10%). Christians are to give the amount the Holy Spirit tells them to. It could from 0-100%.

I would run from this antichrist as fast as you can.

He is preaching heresy!

Xmas Is Same As Christmas

The 3 wise men did not go to manger to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They saw Jesus when he was nearly 2 years old at their home, searching for the Messianic King, nothing else.

The passages you quote (out of context) from Paul. Are the arguements of that time, mainly how to unit the Jews and the Gentiles in one Church. It had to do with Dietary and Ritual laws of the Jews. It finally lead to the decree which states this: "abstain from THINGS POLLUTED WITH IDOLS, things Strangled and from blood of animals(Act15:20).

So Christ said: (JOHN 15:22) "If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not have sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin."

Now I told you! You decide/God will judge.

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