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Christian By Words Or By Actions
How can this be? It is just a simple fact that they are not what they claim to be. But be not surprised. Jesus says many "good" Christians will claim to have done good for the Lord and He will tell them:" I know you not!"

Which Day To Keep Holy
My Bible says:"He that EATETH, eateth to the Lord...and he that EATETH NOT (FASTS) to the Lord he eateth (FASTS) not...In any case, I think it not right to use this text to say that we should let each person determine which day to worship on.

I Am Complaining About The Blogs
I think subjects need to be sorted out and, there should not be so many blogs that deal with medical questions. People, who don't have medical training should not give medical advice.

How Long Is Eternity And Millenium
You write about tribulations lasting 2 periods of 3.5 years each...Christ will stand on earth...
Where can I find that in the Bible?
Please quote and give me the reference where it speaks of a 1000 yrs. Messianic kingdom being established by Jesus on earth...set as the Sabbath. Thanks.

How Long Is Eternity And Millenium
Linda Smith
First about CONTEXT. You used what looked like the perfect text for you but your comment is out of context. TEXT: is not talking about the return of Jesus.
CONTEXT: Summary of Isa's prophecy.
COMMENT: Isa reminds people that God is not looking for a temple of stone but rather He is looking for a heart to dwell in, of a person who takes his word seriously!
PARAPHRASE; I already own the heaven and the earth but where will I rest? In the heart of the person who is tender and broken.
If you wish,read my posts to Ann5758 and Bruce5656. Respectfully, Pierr

How Long Is Eternity And Millenium
Thank you for your note.
Now for your comment: ON THAT DAY his feet...
I respectfully suggest that this is a reference to the DAY when the wicked,led by Satan attempt to take the city. It is also then that fire will utterly destroy=ashes the wicked.(not at his coming) If you wish, read the post I sent to Bruce about Jesus notsetting his feet on earth at his coming.

Does The Spirit Of Man Die
Alan of UK and Co.
Sorry I did not clear it up. It is so important that I will try again. To help us let's use a small s for the spirit which means the same as BREATH and let us use a capital S for the Spirit which means the same as THE INNER MAN.
Now let me suggest that in the context of CREATION, we call the result of the combination of DUST + spirit (breath of life)= A LIVING SOUL or the OUTER MAN. Concl. 1 spirit is the same as breath GEN 2:7 to be cont.

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