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Mother And I are Yelling
You won't get any sympathy from me, that's your mother...give her the respect and honor that God commands you to give. God doesn't command you to honor if she is a good were given a command, and if you want to Honor God, then you honor her. Thank God for her!!!!!

Christians Play Secular Music
My advice would be to find your own personal relationship with God and let him decide what he wants for your life.
After you accept God, let him mold you and make you what he wants you to be. Keep your eyes off of others and keeep them only on God. God had to clean up alot on the inside of me before he started on the outside.

Do I Just Make Marriage Happen
You sound like you might be getting desperate...when you do meet someone, how are you going to know if she is heaven sent or of your own choosing? I don't think God is going to drop her out of the sky to you....but then again he did rain manna from heaven....keep praying and don't settle for less than what God has for you.

Everyone Must Get Married
That "all" marry is not biblical, read Matthew 19: 10-12

Struggling With Things In My Life
Remember the story of Job! If you are not struggling as a Christian then that's when I would be worried. Satan will use and do alot of things to keep God from being glorified with our lives. "Down but not Defeated", that's my motto.

Everyone Must Get Married
That "all" marry is not biblical, read Matthew 19: 10-12

Christians Do Whatever They Want
I know what you mean and I tried it myself after I was saved. I thought as long as I was on my way to heaven I was ok....God stopped me in my tracks after a while, and he had to show me what me meant in Hebrews 10:31..."Its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God." I learned to keep my eyes on God, and off of what others do or say.

My Husband Desires Other Women
I did assume that the husband was saved and married for love, you are right men and women do marry for different reasons, and with that assumption I referred to James 5:20 where we are to try to help a brother or sister when we see that they are in error.

Do I Just Make Marriage Happen
I would certainly take Lisa's advice, if God had not intended for us to find our own mates, then I don't think he would have given us the rules to go by.

Think My Boss Is the Devil Himself
I felt the same way with a boss at one time until God gave me the following verses....Eph 6:5-9, read them, I pray they help.

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