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Who Wrote The Bible

The Book of revelation was penned by the apostle John under the direction of the Jesus Christ after the Resurection.
It is a word for word writing received directly from the risen Christ.

In this book John acted as the secretary. and was dictated to by The Christ. "write down what you see and hear"

This is a direct writing NOT an inpired writng. Just like the prophets.

How Do You Stay Holy

I do NOT have a TV, an Ipod, a radio(except in my car), cellphone, read newspapers etc etc etc. I live in a city not a forest.
I think thats a coveninent excuse, so "Christians" can watch Anerican Idol etc.

I listen to music on the radio turn off the commercials. I use the internet only for this site , business and stuff I SPECIFICALLY need to look up. I do NOT surf the net. My goal is to trash this computer as well.

I read books on scripture and of course scripture.

It not hard if the soul is there.

SOO... If I can do it... ANYBODY can!!!!

Another Great Depression Coming

Sooner or later we're going to have to enter the Great Tribulation. The good news is those Saints that perservere to the End will see the Glory of Christ.

So I look forward to that and hope to be found worthy. I imagine my flesh won't like it, but my spirit will rejoice in knowing the time of His coming has arrived!

God Bless!

Was Melchizedek Jesus

Your posts are right on. I read a bunch of them!

Nice thoughts!

Benny Hinn Barred From UK
Well what about Brown. He's much worse than Blair. I do remember Lockabee.

What Is Church Of Christ
Church of Christ (Not a name/who they think they are) is a cult that claims to be the True Church. They claim they literally started in the 1st century, but it was started in 1906 by Alexander Campbell. (Campbellites) Its very difficult to get out. If you leave their church you will burn in hell. Do not believe in salvation once, but you lose your salvation if you don't attend church (and other ways). They belive you are save by Baptism alone (a bath only), and the second coming occurred 70 AD/they are the Elect. No OT. Very dangerous/very subtle cult. If one church gets in trouble, the others disavowed any relationship.

I write this to warn others, I am an expert on them and have de-programmed many from this cult for the last 12 yrs.

Can Women Know The Bible
Sorry Darlene, it is a term I use.

PC means Politically Correct Church ladies
Who are both male and female.

They are Carnal Pseudo Christians who go through the church motions, have no Spiritual substance, and do not attend Bible Studies. But you will always see them on line at potlucks. Or doing Church chores.

Sadly Political Correctness has invaded the churches to the point were you can no longer tell the difference between a Christian church and a Liberal Non profit organization.

Sometimes you can see it on some of these posts as well. The I'm Okay, Youre Okay or the We Dont Judge crowd. They believe God has no wrath.

I Am Doubting God Exists
YES! You can prove God exist. I am talking on a secular/factual basis. But with 125 words, I will refer you to Apolgetic books such as: "Case for Christ" by Strobel,"Evidence that demands a verdict" by McDowell. Also, 3rd party writers during the time of Christ (i.e Josephus). Luke would have been a good 3rd party historical book. The only book in scripture written by a Gentile (he's a historian).

If you want to know if God is real in your life, then (as posted by Donna)Just ask him for the proof you need. I did! I always teach people to do this if they have these doubts. There are too many "Christians" out there who think the bible is a fairy tale, because they do not ask.

Rapture Before Great Battle
Mark Eaton, I gave you the verses absolutely direct in what they say. I also showed you where the saints are sealed for their protection for the rest of the trib. It is the same as The Passover and the angel of death. They were not rapture then and they are not raptured from the trib.Dan 12:1-3. I also explained the word tribulation it comes form a sled called a tribul used to separate the wheat from the chaff. I explained that Tribulations are for believers and wrath is for the wicked. I gave you verses where Jesus SAID "On the LAST Day" You decided to use you own interpretation in sharp contrast to the 200,000+ expert translators for nearly 2000yrs. Jesus Prayed I DO NOT ask you to take them out of the world". John: 17:15.

What Is A Christian
Those 2 Guys who arrived in Antioch! :)

Don't Add To The Bible
Thanks MarkV!

We know that for a fact we are missing 1st Corinthians and 3rd Corinthians. The ones we have listed in our Bible as 1st and 2nd Corinthians are actually 2nd and 4th. There may even be a 5th(Debated).

Now if we find the true 1st and 3rd Corinthians. Would they not automatically be Canical? And if so, then we would need the "ADD" them to the bible.
Or do we not?

Tithe Net Or Gross Income
It always amazes me how when Churches who want your money, they tell you to Tithe.

This is blasphemous!

Why dont they tell you to keep Kosher and circumcise your sons? When it is convenience for these greedy Pharisees to grab your money, they do not hesitate to blasphemy The Christ. The 1st century church never tithed, (see Sermon of the Mount)for the laws are written on your heart and the orginal church gave all they had. Not the 10%. They never resorted to the deceptive Stewardship classes either They were honest and said we need money, clothes, food, shelter etc. Christians gave in the true sprit of The Christ. But Pharisees are called Hypocrites by Jesus. And they still exist today dont they?

Most Dangerous Preacher
I did not impose any rules or laws on anyone. I simply posted. So if there is any stumbling block or guilt. Then it is in your OWN conscious and nowhere else (see John3:20). I shined the light on you and it exposes things you do not want God to see. God does not serve you or your ego. So if the other half of God love (wrath) offend you or is something you deny, then indeed you have no fear of God, but he only exist to serve you. With no rules.. Do you see this in scripture, or is God only your genie. Note also I clearly spoke of the unsaved vs. the saved. Prodigal son repented and was saved. So which one are you? since my post has caused you such grieve? Is God here to accommodate you or are you here to serve Him. You decide.

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