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144,000 Jews Or Jehovah Witnesses
There is no where in the bible that stated the 144,000 people are the Jehovah Witnesses.My advise to people is to flee from their teachings as far as you can. The bible says we ( the Christians ) will be persecuted for the name of Christ,"NOT JEHOVAH'S" Mt.24:9 LK.21:12,17, Jn.15:21 Acts 9:16. The Christians are the witnesses for Christ. Acts 4:12 "NOT JEHOVAH'S."
Please note: Jehovah's witness won't ever tells you everything that is behind their religion. I suggest that you investigate the history of Jehova's witnesses, their false prophecies before you even consider talking to them. How can you identify a false prophet? please read Deu.18:21-22

Who Speaks In Tongues
I work for a ministry that is under the baptist covering, however I believe in all of the spiritual gifts that Paul talks about.
I myself have spoken in tongues during prayer.

Should Priests Marry
Yes Priests should have the freedom to marry, it is because the Pope says no to marriage that Gives Satan a foothold in a priests life.
Jesus never said that a priest should not marry.

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