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Difference Between NKJV And KJV
In the last days there will be a turning away from scripture.I wonder why anyone would want to change the words in the KJV and take a chance at having the plaques spoke of, poured out on them. By the way anyone who says that other Bibles are better than the KJV should look up Acts 8:37 and ask theirselves why God would want to take His Son's name out of the Bible. As for that why would we ? Why bring God's Word down why not try to bring ourselves up to His Word - The KJV.....

Tithe Or Help The Neighbor
1) Tithe and tell him you'll pray for him.
2) Slip extra money or YOURS (not the tithe, which already belongs to God)in his mailbox;
3) Recommend he visit your church and see if they can offer any other help or support.
4) Receive God's blessing for sacrificial giving.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Actually, the way I read it, God will save Israel and the Anti-Christ will take credit for it. And most likely he will offer some sort of universalism that will be embraced by much of Islam, many Jews, and yes, many Christians. Though the Christians who tend to support Israel do so because they read the scriptures, so most of them are not likely to be decieved. Those that aren't grounded are more likely to be deceived.

Science And Evolution Conflict
Actually, at all levels, evolutionary theory ignores sound scientific principles. One of the most basic is this: science states there is no such thing as spontanious generation, but evolution relies on such an occurance. Genetic research shows that mankind cannot be more than 150,000 years old, while evolution says we've been here for millions. This is just the tip of the iceburg. People are simply desperate not to believe in God, so they don't have to change for Him.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
Most people find themselves in this condition from unwise financial decisions. I know this, from experience. If you must make this choice, you have a responsibility to keep tabs on what you owe in tithes. A better decision is to get a second job until you catch up. We have fallen into this delusional state in America that says you should only work 40 hours a week. The reality is, you should do whatever it takes to catch up and then manage your finances in a godly way.

Quoran Agree With The Bible
Give me a break! Leviticu 27:5 is talking about redeeming people committed to service in the temple. In this case, it just made it easier for a woman to be redeemed; it didn't mean she was lesser! And we are taught in the NT that there is neither man nor female, Jew nor Gentile, bond nor free, but we are all one in Christ Jesus. As for the teachings of the Quoran, the parts about killing infidels (including Christians and Jews) doesn't fit too well with "God so loved the world..."

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