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TULIP Biblical Or Not
This is sad and it happens when we fail to use the whole word of GOD. We all have free will to accept or deny God. God would that none be lost, but He knows that some will not come unto Him for they traded the truth in Christ for a lie. Even Adam had free will, other wise we would be slaves to God and that is not the case. God gave it to all, many trade what many churches preach for what the word of God says. You must study the word to show your self approved. We must know why, where, and what was said for what reason rightfully dividing the word of God. Come now work at unity and do as God would have you to do, as HE would never force you to do any thing against your will

There Is No Condemnation
those who are called and follow Him are covered by His blood thus there is no sin in them in the eyes of God. They have been sealed unto the day of redemption.

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