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Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
Before you try to get her into rehab, you need to consult with her doctor and ask him why is she continuing to use these if she no longer needs them. Inform the doctor of her actions while she is using these drugs. Be advised that because of the HIPPA law, you may not get an answer. All of this depends upon her age and mental competency. If that does not work, then you can try intervention, try to get hold of these drugs and dispose of them. If she is getting them illegally, then you may want to try letting her know that you will notify the authorities if she does not go into a rehab facility. God bless you for your concern.

Benny Hinn's Great Crusade
About Benny Hinn's Ministry:
I want you to read James 3:8-10,13-18 and chap.4 as well. I have noticed that many of the things that you have spoken about happened many years ago. I say to you, have you not made mistakes and had to apologize and repent of them. I,too, went to some of his crusades in Tampa, Fla. When a person goes for a healing, that person most likely has already been prayed for by the many prayer warriors who are there for that very purpose. That occurs even before the people are lined up to go up on the stage with Benny. The tongue speaks evil or good. All I see are curses upon this ministry.

Transfering Of Demons
There are occasions where demonic spirits can be transferred from one person to another. In the case of someone being delivered from a demon spirit and is now repenting and receiving salvation, that demonic spirit will find the nearest person who is not saved, born again, and spirit-filled with the Holy Ghost. Satan's demons are constantly on the lookout for someone to oppress, possess, and harass. That is their job. I have seen people delivered from demonic spirits. PTL!

Is TBN Mainstream Christianity
TBN is doing what God wants them to do. That is to preach the gospel throughout the world before the end comes. Read Matthew 24:14. Some of the preachers get off track, but for the most part, many of them are reaching millions of souls for the Kingdom of God. Let's not get into legalism. Watch Perry Stone, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyers, Billy Graham, T.L. Lowrey, Oral & Richard Roberts,T.D. Jakes, Fred Price, Creflow Dollar. These people have seen more people saved,delivered,& healed.

Sin To Marry Divorced Person
I have to say yes and no. If the divorced couple are Christians and they divorced for whatever reason, then if either one of them remarries, I would have to say: Have they remarried another Christian believer, or an unbeliever. The Bible says not to be unequally yoked. God allows for divorce because of man's or woman's hardened heart.

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