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Why Celebrate Halloween
People who don't have the Spirit within them CANNOT discern. If you had the Spirit, you would know the "answer" to this question. It is the Spirit that leads us into all truth. And, we would all be on the same page, so to speak.(in one accord)

Dress Anyway To Church Today
I believe that you should dress modestly for church, and that the clothes should be in presentable condition. I do have a particular pet peave. People that spend money to get their nails done, but wear old, stained sweaters to church (why?)

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
Children who stare at people with handicapps.
today this girl kept giving me a nasty look
she was even making nasty comments about me
I think she might have been about 10.Why cant todays kids show respect towards people who are diffrent. she probley makes fun of kids in her school that are special.

Call A Priest Father
We would be wise to do as Jesus instructs us.To search for the truth in love. We have many schisms within Christianity. All with doctrinal distinctions. We are called to reason with one another. We all have spiritual gifts and if we would share what God has done in our own lives, perhaps we could achieve peace and unity within the body of Christ. I was raised Catholic & sadly & with serious contemplation had to leave it out of doctrinal issues and due to the fact that the Catholic Church would knowingly and willfully put the protection of the Church over the protection of many innocent children whose lives were forever altered by pedophilia. I love the Catholic people & would be open to discussing why we believe what we believe.

Is My Husband Cheating
I agree with you Rebecca, but my husband thinks differently. He doesn't think this was cheating. Even though it wasn't physical, it was emotional and even spiritual (they had Bible study and prayer together).

I confronted the woman and she has promised to leave my husband alone. I have also forgiven my husband.

Thanks everyone for your advice and input.

Is My Husband Cheating
I just found this out yesterday. I came across an email that he had sent her while we were engaged. I also found out that he was planning on selling my daughters car to this woman in a few days and was going to travel up to Virgina to give her the car. He made arrangements with her behind my back. I was deeply hurt. He confessed to me that he has a problem with flirting. He said its something he cannot control. Not so sure if I believe that.

But since I've confronted him, he has promised to forsake (once again) his secret female "friends" and asked for my forgiveness.

Are You Losing Weight
yes, I am losing weight, I was at 300 lbs a year ago, I lost part of my weight because I was very sick, but when I got my sickness under control I have been doing a sensible diet and losing weight,,,I am now down to 220 lbs..I am counting Carbs and Cal. and not eating sweets or unhealthy foods...I praise God for His help in this and I am looking forward to losing more.hope many people learn a sensible method and stick to it, no gimmicks,,they don't work

Just Waiting On The Lord
Oh boy. God has told me in no uncertain terms to wait on a certain prayer. I have been praying for this for over 3 months and still I hear Him telling me to wait. It is very hard because Satan wants us to jump in and do it ourselves but we have to have dicipline to let God work in His own time. Keep praying and reading the Bible.

Is Predestination True
God offers his salvation to all but He does know who will choose him or reject him.

2008 Presidential Election
No one. I didn't vote in the last election, and won't vote from now on, because the Lord told me not to. He said, "If you vote, than it shows you put faith in government. I want all your faith to be in me and not man." He gave me endorsement from His word, "A good soldier does not involve himself with civilian affairs," and "Come out from among them and be seperate."

Reading Harry Potter
"Put no evil thing before you eyes."-Doesn't that cover it? The Body of Christ needs discernment, and we must ask. Seek the Lord while He may be found. He wants all of us, our movies and T.V. watching, and our beloved Wizard of Oz. I am tempted from time to time to watch it again, as I had positive feelings from it as we watched as a family, but we are not our own (if we're His) we have been bought with a price. (His precious shed blood.)We must do as He says, for His glory.

Do You Attend Church
No, I can't attend myself for I am part of "the ecclesia" or the "called-out ones." I have been called out of darkness, and into His light, and called out of the world, which the current church system is full of, so I had to leave.

God's Will For My Job
I am having the same problem only I am not married. I want to do God's will. I pray and pray but sometimes can't hear his voice. Keep praying and listen to your husband also but you must do what God wants you to do. My answer isn't a clear cut answer only to keep praying.

Believe Catholics Or Christians
The Bible does say not to judge others. I am not a Catholic. If you are critizing the Catholic Church then you better look at your own church. We are to love each other. Jesus said this. Why should we fight about how we believe? This is exactly what satan wants. You are playing into his hands by arguing about who does what for whatever reason. We have many religions so each of us can find Christ in our own way. There aren't going to be just Catholics or Baptists in heaven.

When Should A Women Be Submissive
The enemy has played so much havoc in this area. It seems like no one really knows "for sure" what submission is supposed to look like or is played out in a marriage. We all are just fumbling around trying to find God's will in this. This is evident by the varied responses in this blog. I, too, have struggled in this area and still am, even now. That is why I looked up on the search engine about it. Oh, God, reveal to us this pictures of submission and enable us to be that.

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