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Older Men Handle Younger Women
I cannot understand why some men think it's O.K. to let themselves go, age naturally etc. yet expect women to make the best of every asset and look beautiful for them. Failing that they seem to think a younger model is in order. If men took care of themselves perhaps they would naturally attract the kind of woman they seek. Having said all that, don't you all think that we pay way too much attention to outward appearances?

Debt Problems And Debt Help
Why should anyone but you know that you are in debt? I wouldn't expect a preacher to talk about this kind of thing from the pulpit. I hope that you, or whoever your question is about, manages to get these debt problems sorted out. It is not a good state to be in and we should all strive to do without things that we cannot afford. There is too much temptation to take out loans these days.

Husband Doesn't Defend Me
You could try asking him how he would feel if it were the other way around and that it was your parents criticizing him but then you did nothing to defend him. This might just get him thinking. Parents don't come first with their children once those children are married. Loyalty must be to spouse.

How Much Time On ChristiaNet
I look at the questions on ChristiaNet every day if I possibly can but only about twice a week do I really study them and answer some of them. I suppose in a week I spend about 4 hours on this site.

Thief In Paradise For Three Days
There is much controversy about the word today in this verse. Was Jesus saying "I tell you today that you will (one day) be with me in Paradise" or was He saying "Today (this very day) you will.....etc". Punctuation was not used in earlier bibles. The point is that the penitent thief was saved through his belief in Jesus as the Son of God, the other thief was not saved through his disbelief.

Explain Leviticus Chapter 24
Sorry Eloy, I have just re-read your response and I think I misunderstood you. I can see now that you are against both the revenge AND the killing. First time I read it as revenge killing.

Explain Leviticus Chapter 24
I understand the question but I don't know the answer, except to say that Christians who are in favour of the death penalty are being hypocritical if they are against the other punishments (which I think are barbaric). Pierr do you seriously think that amputating a hand is harsher sentencing that capital punishment? That is what you seem to be saying here. Eloy do you also think that revenge killing is less serious than revenge amputation? I'm not convinced you 2 have understood the question yet.

Why Is Heatwave Happening
I'm with Alan on this. I'm sure he, like most of us, has a wonderful sense of humour but this question wasn't asked as a joke but required a serious answer.You already have your humour blogs, funny church notices, bumper stickers etc. so couldn't we just keep the remainder serious? The change in weather patterns is a serious issue, the problems being brought about by man. God created everything perfect. Adam wasn't the only one to spoil things. We continue to destroy what God gave us.

Is All Scripture God Inspired
Contd. Paul used the word 'I' on some occasions which could indicate a PERSONAL preference. He sometimes used the word 'woman' singular, but those verses are read to mean 'women' plural when he might have been speaking to one woman in particular, not every woman. The bible is the word of God but I do not believe that means we are to read it, just as it is in English, and say "look that's what it says".History/culture/original language tell us much more.

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