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Am I At The Wrong Church
I recommend you to talk to your pastor. Express him your feelings of doubt, ask key questions, and if the answers do not convince you, then find another church. That's what I did, and he was kind enough to answer all of my questions. Those answers leaved me in shock, and I was convinced that I was INDEED in the wrong church.

Confess Affair To My Husband
If you decide to tell him, be understanding that it'll be hard for him to handle. My husband had an affair and I personally wish I never knew. Whatever decision you make, I'm sure it'll be a hard decision and I'll pray for you.

Why Did Jesus Weep
Jesus wept, but why did he cry? Pain, sorrow, compasion are all obvious reasons. But it goes deeper than that. Jesus knew that in a moment he was going to changed Mary and Martha's tears of sorrow into tears of joy. Same tears, but for different reasons. What an emotional roller coaster! Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.(Psalm 30:5)

Can I Leave My Husband
I am a Christian, have been for years-conservative, fundamental and have been involved in all forms of ministry, and I cannot believe some of the entries on here. I am in a similar situation although my husband does not verbally abuse me but he constantly verbally abuses the children..a curse he inherited from his parents. It is horrible and disgusting and soul destroying. My heart is broken because I never wanted this. Continued...

Can I Leave My Husband
I wanted a Godly inheritance for my children, something I have prayed and prayed for and believed to be a promise. I am miserable in my marriage and if I try to tell him that he is abusing the kids, he accuses me of abusing him!! I cannot help him see..he is too proud and that is a sin. He has changed, there is no meekness or gentleness. My children have asked me to leave because they are so unhappy. Is this of God? Abuse is NOT of God, it is NOT His plan for us or our kids. We can show a better way. Be faithful, be a good rolemodel of Christ...but you are not required to stay in that situation. Continued...

Can I Leave My Husband
Lovable Linda....I rebuke you in Jesus name. Get out of this person Satan, in the name of Christ!! Get out of this person spirit of hate in Jesus name!

My Sister Broke Her Word
I know it may cost some money do to what you did. But, as we as Christians is to pray for one another and keep each other motivated. To continue to love one another. Did you think to just maybe, go on your own?

Husband Seeks Attention
I have been married 8 mths. Tell him how you feel. Don't let no man take your joy. Be faithful to God and let him fight your battles. Pray for God to take care of your problem and be patient. Pray and then let it go. God's GOT IT!!!

Obama The Next President
I agree with Susie,I believe John McCain will be our next president!Certainly NOT Obama,in Jesus name.I pray for God's will to be done about who our next President & Vice President will be,especially the President.

Palestineians On Biblical Land
The Holy Land was given to the Jewish people forever by God. I don't understand how any Christian could deny that & ask them to give any part of that land up to the Palestinians (Arabs) who have plenty of land. I pray that our government will open their eyes to this.

I Have Pain Around The Clock
I also have Fibro along with severe migraine headaches & arthritis. I can't sleep & the pain is so bad it hurts to take a shower.
Please pray that something will help this condition.

Equally Yoked In The Bible
I know what is right in my heart. I was married to a professed "atheist". We divorced but now have reconcilled, he says he will not marry me again. My son has issues and they are getting worse. I tried to talk to him and he again stated that he would not "convert", so I needed to do what I had to do. He said "The church will destroy another family". I know what is right, we should not live together-we are not married, even though once married, now leagally divorced?

Who is Joyce Meyer?
Joyce Meyer is a wonderful person. Why are you troubled by her? I have been helped so much by her t.v. shows and her tapes. She tells it in terms I can understand. Please give her a chance.

Christian Ten Commandments
Jerry, you haven't got the time, except for 200 more posts of your own under many other names.
You need a 12 step program, Jerry.
Only you might get tipsy and fall off of the steps.

Christian Ten Commandments
Linda, don't let Jerry/Kathr/Chipper bully you off the boards.
You write as many as you want, I'll read every one of them.
Kathr doesn't want anyone else to get a word in.

Christian Apologetics
I wish every Christian could read "The Apocalypse Code" by Hank Hanegraaff. Using scripture he points out what the Bible really says about end times.

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