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Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
Salvation is received, not achieved.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
To Katy
Thanks for replying!

If i may ask,how bad did your sons wet when you were spanking them?

I know you said a little,but I was just wondering.


How To Properly Spank My Kids
To Katy from Peggy

Katy,do you have sons or daughters,or both?

I spank my 4yr old son with my open hand over his briefs,with his pants lowered,but like I posted earlier,he usually will wet while I am spanking him.

If I may ask you,if you have any sons,did they ever wet while you were spanking them? If so,how did you get it,by lowering their undies as well? Did lowering their undies help stop the wetting compared to when your sons' undies were up while you spanked them?

Sorry about the stupid questions

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Angel11 from Peggy

Thank you so much!

So you have seen this happen with young boys around my son's age when they get a spanking?

If you have,do you have any idea as to around the age the young boys generally stop wetting during spankings?

Like I said before,I don't punish him for it when he does wet while I am giving him a spanking,I help him change and clean himself up.

Thanks in advance Angel11

How To Properly Spank My Kids
To Angel11 from Peggy

Thank you so much for your reply to my question,i appreciate it.

I never punish my son if he does wet while he is getting a spanking,I just simply change him and help him clean himself up.

When he does wet while i am spanking him,it is always squirts of urine in time with the spanking.

Angel11,i take it that you have a son around the same age as mine,does he or has he ever done that while you were spanking him?
thanks, Peggy

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Thanks to all who replied!
Yes,I never spank him (He's 4) bare,it is either over his pants or his briefs,and I don't spank him very often,maybe 2 times a month.
I use my open hand with 4 moderate swats but like I said earlier,he will usually wet while I give him the spanking,is this normal for a young boy to wet during a spanking,has your young son ever done this,have you ever heard of his?

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I spank my 4yr old son with my open and over his jeans or if he is only wearing his briefs,over his briefs but a little lighter.

The problem I have is that sometimes my son will wet a bit while I am spanking him,is this normal,has this ever happened to to you and your son?

Contradictory Truths
I'm finding anything related to emergentism is something I want to stay completely away from. False teachers are jumping on the emergent bandwagon and are willing to go over the cliff for anything emergent.

I don't know if this new form of oneness is here to stay, but I'm staying away from it.

2008 July What's Up Blog
Hi sherry. I really enjoy your blogs.

John Hagee And Catholics
I love our Lord with all my heart, I live every day trying to show my fellow human beings how wonderful it is to have Christ in our lives. It certainly maks this life bearable and I am a Catholic and I wholeheartedly disagree withe John Hagees statement.

My Husband Claimed Christianity
You'll be in my prayers. I know God see's this situation, and He'll see you through. Pray for guidance. God Bless.

Don't Want Friends
Honesty is the best trying to let one down in sugar coated lies and not hurt them will never work.

Pray For Iraq Bound Nephew
My prayers are with you! My son is going into the Air Force, and I know I'll be nervous too. Let's all stand together!

Who is David Jeremiah
During Pastor appreciation month our small church sends cards and small gifts. As the recipient let me tell you what an encouragemet they are! What is wrong with a large congregation giving more? My husband's family purchased a vacation for his parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. Were his parents wrong to accept the gift given in love after serving their family for 50yrs? Dr. Jeremiah isn't a perfect man, no Pastor is. But he is a Godly man that preaches the truth in love.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Narcissism is not curable and at its worst is the anti-Christ or the mirror opposite of the life giver, Christ, I got away from my narc. Christian husband or I would have died from depression and heart break.
be careful
old lady

Husband's Narcosstic Personality
Read all on narcissism on is an awful way for a woman to live with a supposed Christian man who is far from kind. I had to get away from mine...incurable and not sane...beware....

Remarry If Left First Spouse
Emotional abuse: when your partner isolates you from friends and family, forces you (through threats and brainwashing) to behave in the ways he/she wants you to behave, ridicules you for expressing yourself, or ignores you for long periods of time if you don't do or say exactly what they want you to, creating a sense of powerlessness, fear and dependency. Just as we wouldn't want that kind of treatment for our children, I don't believe a loving God would want that for any of His children either.

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