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I Am A Non Believer
Alexandra: It is true that many people have very different ideas about what to believe in, and about God (for those who believ in Him). That is completely correct.

However, if God DOES exist, then som ething about God must be true and some must not be (you can consider that about yourself - the statement that you are 26 years old is either true or incorrect)

In the same way, either God exists (in which case people who do not believe that are making a mistake) or He does not exist, in which case I am making a mistake.

Both cannot be correct.

Making Sign Of The Cross
Rob: Until about AD1000 the Orthodox and Catholic churches were together, then they split, 4 sections bacame the Orthodox Church, one (the Bishop of Rome) became the RCC

Cluny does have a point..... and its a much more realistic name than Catholic (the RCC is NOT catholic, as catholic means - the one single church, for everyone)

Why Only Men Wrote The Bible
Candide: So you are saying the Bible is not true?

Is Predestination Biblical
Mima: although predestination is supported by scripture, I SUSPECT it is actually unimportant

GOD is outside of time, so He knew axactly how we would respond to all the evidence God gave us

God cannot PRE-destine us, because PRE means God did it before, and NOW DOES NOT

God is outside of time, so the PRO is useless for Him

Struggling With Sin
Francis: You difficulty is one I remember from when I was a young Christian, and my flesh often fought against the Spirit of God, trying to prove to me that a sin was not actually a sin!

It is battle many (I think) Christians fight, at least in our early days!

Do NOT give up, Francis

God is fighing in you, and will by victorious in the end!

Oil Spill Due To Obama
Donna66: That sounds terrible, though very typical beurocratic

But I don't think that is just the responsibility of THIS government - unless the president of the EPA can decide whether or not an environmental impact study is or is not required - if so, then it is the Obama government's fault, as they placed the president (or whatever the name is) of the EPA in that place!

If so, I would be upset with Obama, but even more so with whoever actually made the decision (the EPA president, or whichever congree passed that legislation)

Was Jesus Born With Sin
John: While I do not have any scripture to back Donna up on her view (I canot say that there IS any scripture on that subject), I would say two things:
(1) Babies are BORN sinful, BUT
(2) Sin appears to me (correct me if I'm wrong) to be an actual choice, not something we do without thinking

As a result, the idea of babies not being ABLE to sin until they are old enough to make a choice is, to me, not a scriptural position but one which seems not to directly disagree with scripture

I think Donna is talking about the actual ACTS of sin, not baout whether the baby is a sinful creature

Can God Forgive Satan
Catherine: for God to forgive anyone, that 'anyone' must repent and ask for forgiveness

I do not think Satan can ever do that

Were satan to actually repent, and ask for forgiveness, and return as a humbled angel, I SUSPECT God would probably forgive

But that is an 'if' that we will never know, because from Revelation, we knoww the conditions will never occur

How Should Obama Use Security
Atheist: Please be careful about something here

It is not wrong to point out (correctly in many cases) that what PEOPLE do in God's name is bad

But that does not mean either that God approves of those actions, or that, as a result, God is in the wrong

PLEASE do not judge God by the actions of his followers - God made them, but they are resonsible for their actions

Is Purgatory A Biblical Concept
Ruben: In reality, the only one that will hold water is the 1 Peter section, where we are told that Christ went and preached (which logically means there was hope for them, though we are not told who they were, or what hope there was).

The 1 Cor section in rather vague, so I think we cannot use it as evidence, though one could use it as 'supporting evidence' for 1Peter.

The Luke passage, about Lazarus, while it suggests the two could see each other, does not imply the righ man could actually pass into heaven

But that one passage (1 Peter) is very interesting

My Husband Rejects Christ
Anne: I will not of course support what your husband says, but Cluny's comment is true - it may also be that he is 'for some unknown reason, but sever depression is such a cause' unable to remember God

My wife has been depressed for some time, and she has been questioning God, and I have seen her do things that before she would never even have though of doing or saying

Be praying for your husband, give him support, try to work out why he is depressed - is it outside factors, or a clinical problem?


Is Purgatory A Biblical Concept
I will agree, though I always though Purgatory was just a time saved people spent after resurrection while any residual sin was removed by God [being made pure], without the question of money

The money part was the [Papal] indulgences, wasn't it? Where people paid money so their sins would be forgotten/forgiven?

Can A Christian Go To A Bar
Elder: I understand what you mean, and it's logical.

But the governor (KJV) did say that 'when they have well drunk' I took it to mean, not that they were 'drunk' but that they were at least a little less alert, so the master could place the wine that was not quite so good - I thought [possible incorrectly] that it meant that they had had enough so that they were not so picky, but not that they were drunk in the normal sense. If my explanation was confusing, I'm sorry

If you consider that to be incorrect, then you are probably correct, and again I'm sorry

Who Was Cain's Wife
Atheist: you seem to be over-using some comments from Warwick there....

You saw the comment about length of a day, but there are some things where people are allowed not to totally agree (I am not SURE about the length of the day BUT I know that all was created by God). The problem Warwick has is that he [very very logically] is concerned that people who do NOT believe God created everything may try to USE the 24 hours - I remember Warwick saying something similar

Christians are ALLOWED to have some differences (everyone does) AS LONG AS we all agree on the things that are important for our salvation. Other things, we can correct each other

Is Obama Against Israel
Jim: Your comments about Mr.Obama's your are in great variance with what is generally publicised about him.
There are two possibilities:
(1) There is a long-running conspiracy to hide Mr.Obama's background (for which I would require some verifiable evidence) or
(2) The life story as published (5 years in Hawaii, 5 years in Jakarta, where he spent time in two schools on logically Muslim the other definitely Christian, then returining to the US at the age of 10)

In the absence of other evidence (which perhaps you can provide to me, and in this case I will be very happy to study it in great detail) I feel forcd to accept the published data. you have extra evidence, please do indicate where I can find it.

Is Abortion Always Murder
Warwick: The statistics I have read say that more then one million unborn children are killed each year in the US alone!

Sounds reasonable.....

Try China (it is certainly ten times higher, and the official numbers are certainly an underestimate)

There there is no 'term limit' (ninth month is allowed, as long as the woman is NOT IN LABOUR, and it is used as a method of contraception, generally by people who do not want to use other methods

I've met a woman who had an abortion in the 6th month, just because she broke up with the man who got her pregnant - isn't a baby viable if born in the 6th month?

How To Prevent Nibiro Disaster
Atheist is actually giving a proper warning....

We should not be arguing so roughly on a Christian site

If there are errors in what someone says, let us reply either just with the Biblical words (if they are completely obvious), or with the words followed by an explanation of WHY those support our point of view, or with some obvious common sense that is in line with the Bible

And do all our comments with love for our brother/sister

This debate has become rather too 'bloody'

Why Are Christians Baptized
Bruce: this has been a long debate within the church, it is unlikely to be solved by just a few people chatting [or arguing]. What is, though, clear in the Bible is that the two would almost always go together.

The council of Nicea (the SAME group which God guided to pick the books of the NT) did write in their Creed that 'I beleive in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins'.

The only proof for this IN the NT is Mark 16:16, a verse that has always been strange to me. Have a look, and tell me why Jesus actually said that

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