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What Was Paul's Gospel
Michael_e, I think you are getting ahead of yourself and contradicting here. You first said Peter James John preached to the Circumcision only, and just now said they were told their sins would be forgiven in the future at a time of refreshing. Is this correct?

One book in our scriptures all Christians today believed over and over is 1st John 1:9, 1st John 2:12 showing our sins are forgiven here and now by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Please read Acts 20:28 with 1st Peter 1:18-19. Paul in Acts 20, and Peter are in agreement the Church was also purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ and are in full agreement.

The same Gospel.

What Was Paul's Gospel
The only reason there is the testimony of Christ coming from Gentiles is because the Lord sent a special apostle directly to us Gentiles (Eph 3:1-2).

---michael_e on 9/19/21

I think what's missing is Ephesians also speaks of the new Creature being made from Jew and Gentile. Not just Gentiles. The wall that separated Jews from Gentiles had been broken down.

But you seem to be saying that only some Jews are saved by Paul's Gospel who excluded other Jews and some were saved by Peter's Gospel who excluded Gentiles. How can the walls be broken down?

I don't believe God is the author of confusion.

Paul said there is "one"faith not two, , one hope, one spirit , one baptism not two. Eph 4:4-6

Family Run Church
For God so loved the world He sent His Son...just sayin'

The Language Of God
All the versions are interpretations of the Greek manuscripts. Men did not translate out of inspiration, but did so to help the common man understand God through his own language.

Lacking this divine inspiration, all interpreters did the best they could at the time with what they had.

Now that interlinears and concordances are accessible, even the most unlearned person can decide for himself what God truly meant to say, apart from the translations.

To those who study the scriptures earnestly to find out the heart and mind of God, these tools have great value.

He chose languages to reveal Himself through for a reason.

Does Satan Hear Our Prayers
---Mark_V. on 1/24/13

In order to appreciate God's glory, understanding that He is Creator of both good and evil is important. He is responsible.

Sin is a temporary excrescence in His creation. He has made allowance for it, and will save all men.

A murderer will give an account to God. If alive, God holds man responsible for his judgment. The purpose is justice. He may "pay" for his crime, but is still accountable to God for his actions.

As I said, show me where it says in scripture that God holds man responsible for his sins.

I will show where he does not any longer because of the Perfect Sacrifice, and that God conciliated with all men everywhere, no matter what their sins are.

Do All Go To Heaven
Phil, at. Judgment God will tell some to." Depart from me I never knew you."
---shira4368 on 1/23/13

You misplace the scriptures. The passage you refer to pertains to the judgment of the unfaithful Jews at His return to Olivet [Mt 7:23] and the other nations that persecuted His people during the end times [Mt 25:41].

It is on earth, at least one thousand years before the Great White Throne judgment, when all the dead shall be resurrected.

Please read again carefully to whom He is speaking, where He is speaking, and when.

What Is New Covenant Law

"who are displaying (BY NATURE) the action of the law written in their hearts"

It says "the work of the law".

It does not say "the law".

Israel will have the law supernaturally imposed upon their hearts and minds. Jer 31:33

No one has received this, especially the nations. It is for when God directly removes ungodliness out of Jacob. Isa 59:20-21, and redeems His people Israel.

Knowing right from wrong, good and evil, is our inheritance through Adam's sin.

It is the heart of man that is corrupt, not his nature.

"For out out of the heart are coming wicked reasonings, murders, adulteries, prostitutions, thefts, false testimonies, calumnies."

Are All Sins Forgiven
Sin is missing the mark.

Mankind is unable, in the flesh, to hit the mark, which is to become sons of God just like Jesus is.

It is apparent that no one can be like He is. So on that account, no one is free from "missing the mark, which is what sin is.

Until we are glorified, as --kathr4453 pointed out, no one is sinless, not even the saints.

Nevertheless, it is God Who justifies, not ourselves. He has made no provision for us to hit the mark apart from His Spirit.

All sin, past, present or future, is taken away by the Great Sacrifice.

The only sin that remains is unbelief.

How To Be Humble
It is when another washes mine. I feel very unworthy. I always think about how the Apostles must have felt to have the Master wash their feet!
---trey on 1/22/13

Down to the nitty-gritty.

Humiliation at the hands of those who love and care for you can only broaden the heart and open the eyes.

I admire this ritual of the PBA's, and the unmasking of pride that surely must take place. Awesome.

Does Satan Hear Our Prayers
---Mark_V. on 1/23/13

"But to us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things"

"even so is the man by the woman, but all things are of God."

Everything is out of God. Nothings exists, nothing came into being, apart from the Creator, and nothing remains without His power keeping it so.

Man is not responsible for sin. Scripture makes no such claim. It is false doctrine.

God has taken complete responsibility for His creation. He has made provision for sin, at a great cost and sacrifice.

We are accountable [Ro 14:12], not responsible, for sin. Mt 12:36-37

Everything is out of God.

Believing this, that all things are out of God, secures peace and ends debates.

Are All Sins Forgiven
1John was not written to Gentiles. This letter is written to Jews who were struggling in their faith, due to the apparent postponement of the promised Kingdom on earth.

A closer reading of verses 1-3 shows He was talking to his fellow brethren, not us.

John's ministry for us is summed up in this passage: "Because that for his name's sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles." 3Jn 1:7

By refusing a Gentile offering, traveling brethren were commended by John, an act of ascendency.

Paul alone was commissioned to the nations, and that because of Israel's defection and unwillingness to accept Christ's terms and conditions.

Rightly divide the word of truth.

Do All Go To Heaven
---shira4368 on 1/22/13

I could not find "spirit of satan" in any version I have. Please provide.

I am assuming that since such a phrase does not exist in the scriptures, then it must be imaginary. Please direct me to the passage.

Question: if taking a stand for God's word means using unscriptural words and phrases, then how can Holy Spirit bear witness to the truth, if it's not the truth?

francis did not say "all spirit will not return to Christ", he said, quite correctly, all spirits return to God who gave it.

He even provided the evidence, from a book you use to acclaim your beliefs.

What's going on?

Are Tongues For Today
phil, a cult is following man...
phil, please read 2nd thessalonians 3:6.
--shira4368 on 1/22/13

Your understanding of cult is flawed. Perhaps sectarian zealotry is the root. Your definition is uncommon and is spawned from religious reasonings.

Paul established those traditions [G3862 paradosis transmission, i.e. (concretely) a precept.

Christendom, Baptists included, has departed from those traditions, and fallen from grace. None fully follow Paul as he followed Christ. None hold on to the Head, which is Christ.

Good, sincere, lovely believers, such as yourself, are members of the sects. This does not make the denominational schisms less apostate.

Does Satan Hear Our Prayers
---StrongAxe on 1/21/13

Jew were murdered, believers slaughtered, women burned to death and drowned, all because of refusing to confess a "creed" publicly. Those who formed the creeds will be accountable for concealing truth for gain.

Books and blogs are off the mark. A straw man, as it were.

God is assembling a body for His Son. In these last days, the "delusion" will only get stronger, especially among the sects.

Those seeking affirmation of men for support will have their reward. Those who have relied on the living God, the Saviour of all men, will have their glory as well.

Unity of the spirit is a reality. Keeping it requires love and steadfastness to truth revealed, not concealed.

Sell Their Possessions
the full blown image Jubliee of Christ returning in power. Cool
---Scott1 on 1/21/13

How To Be Humble
Answer: Let this mind be in you, i.e. study the scriptures, pray, turn away from evil and draw near to God!
---trey on 1/19/13

Help O Lord, please help.

Eternal Torment Night & Day
No the wicked/unsaved receive eternal death in the Lake of Fire.
---Elder on 1/22/13

This answer is weird. There is no place in any version I have that says, "eternal death".

In fact, the versions I have clearly define, by God's own words, what death is, and is not eternal.

"For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

God never used the word "eternity or eternal" in His Holy Writings. He used olam and aionios. Greek philosophers [Plato] imagined eternity, but God never used it in His word.

Latin Theologians did, though. Most, I think, presumed themselves divine in one way or another.

Does Satan Hear Our Prayers
---StrongAxe on 1/20/13

I am unable to lend to creedalism the harmlessness you ascribe. They have been used by Satan to kill and destroy.

Creeds hold men in darkness and ignorance of the truth by enshrining men's words above the word of God. Often creeds are used to dismiss truth and obfuscate what God is seeking to reveal.

That they affirm truth is false. That they affirm the teachings of men above the word of God, by using His words as support, is apparent in such words as "substance, trinity, true God of true God", and other unscriptural phrases.

All sectarianism is rooted in creeds. They are divisive and have been the source of all that is evil in the body of Christ.

Are Tongues For Today
--shira4368 on 1/20/13

"A Cult is the totality of external religious practice and observance, the neglect of which is the definition of impiety."

The various Christian sects have established ordinances for fellowship. Violations of these can result in excommunication or "shunning" of the "impious". Baptists have such ordinances.

No group follows Paul's teaching as he demanded. Most follow kingdom theology, "heaven on earth", and deny the celestial calling that is upon the body of Christ.

This is what scripture defines as apostasy [G646 apostasia].

It is this departure from Paul's doctrines that determines a cult, and all suffer some degree of apostasy.

Sell Their Possessions
Yeah but there is no evidence that the year of jubilee actually happened.
---Scott1 on 1/21/13

It did not, and these all died in faith, and are asleep awaiting resurrection at His coming. Then all the just and faithful of Israel's dead shall come forth from the tombs to life for the age, and reign with Him over the nations on earth.

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