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Why So Many Mean Women
You can also turn that around and ask why there are so many mean men that it makes it hard for us good women to meet a good man to share our life with.

My Husband Will Not Work
I can see from the other posts that I am not alone. My husband has been unemployed for 3 years. For most of the time,he has laid on the couch and slept.His unemployment has run out and we are loosing our house. I work full time and just do not make enough for us to live on. Hubby has become very verbally abusive and now has started throwing things. We have two teenagers and he treats them badly. Calls the kids and I very nasty names. I am very concerned about his mental state. I know that the bible says that the man is the head of the family but he has put me into the position of having to take this role. I was raised with the "stand by your man" attitude, but I am considering leaving this 29 year marrage.

What's Up February 2010
hi to this blog deal..what is up in Feb 2010? wow loaded question! I am dealing with healing a broken heart but looking on the bright side!

Have You Dating Over The Net
I have dated over the internet and have met some nice people but not a Christian man. I will say that God does allow you do do what you want to to...only know that sometimes..and I know this from experience, you will rush into the arms of a loving man just because YOU think he is the one! God needs to be involved in this decision. I got my heart broke so bad and it has not healed yet. This happens when YOU choose and not let GOD chose! Believe me, dating is hard for both parties...but a lot easier if you are both saved and born again.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
The Bible states in 1 Timothy 3 that Preachers as well as Deacons are to be the huband of 1 wife. The older women are to teach the younger women and the older men are to teach the younger men
1 Timothy 2 teaches the divine order of the sexes.
We are in the times of Apostasy and Women preachers are among those teachings .
Just as God gives up those that pertake in unnatural relations to reprobate minds.
Just as the Lord destroyed Sodom & Gomorra He will distroy this evil land again

Christians Supporting Israel
I strongly support and pray for Israel. It is the Covenant of God to Abraham. Go back to Genesis.

I Am Divorcing This April
I would encourage you NOT to remarry for some time. You don't even need to date. Give yourself time to heal from the wounds both you and the children have endured during this abusive relationship. Let Jesus be your husband and take care of you. I don't believe you should stay in an abusive marriage and if you are being advised to, I would suggest you not listen to that advise. Been there, done that. Hardly ever does the abuser really change. It would be difficult for you to have trust in him again.

Pagan Easter Church Services
Sarah - Easter was celebrated thbis year on April 8th, not the 15th.

Red Cows Raised For Israel
Jack, it may be easy to produce red cows, but not easy to produce one that is without blemish - the red heifer that is being searched for is one that has absolutely no white hair on it - not even 1.

Pagan Easter Church Services
Eloy - the Biblical month of Nisan began on March 20th this year, therefore, putting the 14th of Nisan on April 2 this year on the Gregorian Calendar. Nisan 30 is April 18th this year and Iyyar begins April 19th which is Rosh Hodesh - head of the month. Last day of Iyyar is May 17th and then Sivan begins. We have leap year with an additional month about every 3 years - we had a second month of Adar. Eloy, there was no month of April back in the Bible days. We are in the year 5757.

Can't Locate A Sabbath Church
Lee, you don't have to be Jewish to attend a Messianic Jewish Congregation. Usually a Messianic Jewish Congregation is a combination of Jewish Believers and Chritians that desire to know more of their Jewish Heritage.

Pagan Easter Church Services
1-Oh my goodness Eloy, where in the world do you get your information from. There was no month of April back in Exodus. The Jews went by the Hebrew calendar and the days of the Hebrew calendar do not fall the same as the Gregorian calendar. ALL the Biblical Feasts are set on the Hebrew calendar and NOT on the Gregorian calendar. Tell me, where do you get your information from. Passover falls on the 14th of Nissan and that does not fall on the same day as the 14th of April.

Pagan Easter Church Services
2-Also, when we have a leap year, there is an extra month and really throws the Hebraic calendar off from the Gregorian calendar. Shavout is 7 weeks after Passover and does not fall necessarily on June 3rd, although it can. I well know about all the Biblical Feasts and when they fall as I celebrate all of them along with all the Jews and many Christians in the world. It sounds to me as though you think you are right on this and EVERYONE else is wrong.

Pagan Easter Church Services
3-Maybe you should call the authorities in Israel and tell them they are celebrating the feasts on the wrong days and see just how well that goes over. Hummmm - how can that be. I guess that G-d is wrong as well.

Is The KJV A Catholic Bible
I enjoy both the King James Version and the Complete Jewish Bible translated by David H. Stern in a fully Jewish style to restore the Jewish unity of the Bible. He translated the NT from the ancient Greek original. The OT is something between a translation and a paraphrase. He did a great job. He speaks, reads and writes Hebrew. He also has great respect for the KJV. There are many translations and different people enjoy the different translations. None of them are perfect.

Can't Locate A Sabbath Church
Lee, have you ever been to a Messianic Jewish Congregation? Y'shua went to the synagogue on the Sabbath and he taught in the synagogue on the Sabbath. If we want to be "Christ-like" shouldn't we be doing as he did? His disciples kept the Sabbath - went to the Synagogue - taught on the Sabbath.

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