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Picky About Blog Questions
I agree with you 110%!!

Unity Of Churches and Denomination
1st Cliff:
You look at the quotes I have submitted to decide for yourself if I made a reasonable deduction, without the presence of that one statement that YOU can look for if you need it!

The Letters Of The AntiChrist 666
Jack: So God is/was a fool for taking time to lead Daniel to help us know the id marks of the beast power. Go ahead and tell him. I did not com uo with that number and its meaning! Tell HIm that he could (have) use(d) his time better!

Is Heaven A Literal Place
Heaven is for the most part beyond our comprehension (1 Cor 2:9)
But we do know a few ice things about it;
We have some nce housing waitin for us there. In addition we are going to build some other houses with lots of fruit trees around. Nice thing we will build and inhabit!
There will finally be Peace and those of us who are handicapped will once again be ale to keep up with the kids!
Mo more sicknes, death. No sad crying no pain (in the neck like Jack,1st Cliff etc-JUST KIDDING !!

What Day Is The Sabbath
What day immediatly precedes the FIRST day of the week? MATH 28:1 "After the Sabbath at dawn on thr firs day..." (Sabath 7th day, Sunay 1st day of the week)
After the crucifiction what day was kept by the women who followed Jesus? LUK 23;56 "...they rested on the Sabbath day in obedience to the commandments,"
(Friday=prep. day then the Sabbath, 7th day, and then Sunday, the 1st day.

What Day Is The Sabbath
& Co,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ELDER! Friends join me in my best wishes to Elder. Oh! then there is Xanthi, he has one too!!! What? Pierre, June 2nd? Oh let's just wait until next Chrstmas and clebbrate them all on the same day! No! Why not? The day really does not matter does it now??? TO BE CONT.

Religion Wars Over History Of Man
Dewey: About thE SEAL OF GOD:
I read your quote from EPH and I SEE THE H.S.AS THE SEALER not THE SEAL. EZECH writes that God designated a sign between himself and his people: 'keep my Sabbaths holy...a sign between us..." 20:20
20:12 ...I gave them my Sabbaths, as a sign btween Me and them..."
REV.7:3 'DO NOT HARM ... unil we put a seal on the foreheads of the servsnts of the Lord.'
REV,7:4 same thouht
So, from here, it surely looks like THE SABBATH IS THE SEAL OF GOD!

Unity Of Churches and Denomination
You will have to face the fact, I believe that I have led you to the water,but just like some others, I am not going to force you to drink! All I will add is that you are right, in Daiel's day the issue was not about the Sabbath but at the end, when "the beast" seeks to impose its will, using Sunday laws, the issue will be aboutSU vs SA. Wait and see!

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