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Jews Still God's Chosen People
Dear John,
As "a people" the answer is NO!
As "individuals" the answer is YES!
The Jewish nation's rejection of Jesus caused them, as a nation/people, to loose out on their inhertance which passed on to ALL who accept Jesus as their peronal Saviour from sin.

Roman Soldiers In Heaven Today
I believe that the Father honored the son's wish that the soldiers be forgiven but this may not have ben the only sins not confessed. We don't know that. But we do know that even under the best scenario, THEY ARE NOT IN HEAVEN NOW! Assuming they are saved they will get their reward at time of 1st resurrection.

How Do You Forgive Yourself
I have been there and felt the same way you felt, that God just can't love us that much after we have messed up for the x time! BUT he does love us sooo much and we just have to HAVE FAITH and shut the devil up!

Explain Leviticus Chapter 24
The "feasts" and "sabbaths" here are those associated with the Ceremonial laws, associated with the sacrificial services. They were useful as long as they pointed to Jesus' coming as the true lamb to be offered for our sins. Once Jesus died on the cross, they became useless, marking the end of the sacrificial system.
In contrast the 10 commandments are permanent and the only way we can no longer be under its condemnation is TO EXPRES OUR LOVE for God by keeping His comandments.

Anyone Know About Mormons
Mormons believe:
That the Bible is the Word of God only as far as it is translated correctly. They consider the Book of Mormons superioe to the Bible, because the words are "pure"
That man preexisted with God as an immortal soul before being created. Hence the main reason for the creation was to provide bodies for the souls. TBC

What Is Love In Christ
To me it means loving another person with the same love that Jesus loves us.

I Don' t Have Any Penpals
I am not much for being a penpal but I did look up your profile and noticed that you live in WI.
I too lived in WI many years ago when I got my 1st job in school administrtion at Wisconsin Academy in Columbus, WI. where I taught and was in charge of the guys dorm. I of course loved the Dells but was not too crazy about icy highways.
Be of good cheers! Pierre

Should Kids Read Their Bible
Yes he should be allowed to read his Bible during recess BUT recess is a time better spent actively, playing with others and making new friends.

When Were Animals Unclean
According to LEV 11:47 people were/are to make a distinction between CLEAN and UNCLEAN, what was acceptable and unacceptable to eat. It should be noted that this distinction was not just a Jewish prohibition. It was in effect before Abraham the first Jew. TO BE CONT.

Debt Problems And Debt Help
The queston is how much debt? I think as long as it is a manageable debt it should not affect our witness. If on the other hand we are so much in debt that we cannot tithe or give to support of the Lord's work then we need to get help fast and ChristiaNet can help!

How To Get Soulmate In My Life
Tell him that you are sorry you got into an argument.He should be willing to forgive and forget. If he does not accept your apology HE probably IS NO SOU-LMATE OF YOURS! and you should keep looking.

Can My Husband Be Saved Again
I went to my Bible Commentary and am happy to report that a proper interpretation of the epistle requires also proper identifiction of the addressees. I don't have room to expound but one of the groups adressed is of Jewish UNBELIEVERS who were convinced of the truths of the gospel but who had not placed their faith in Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. They were INTELLECTUALLY persuaded but SPIRITUALLY uncommitted. These are adressed in Heb.6:4-6.To be cont.

How Long Is Eternity And Millenium
Part 2 At the end of the 1000 yrs. Jesus returns to earth with all the righteous and the New Jerusalem.(Rev.21:2) Satan is let loose,long enough to see the DL be brought to life, join the LA to exp. the execution of their sentence: ETERNAL DESTRUCTON BY FIRE.(Rev; 20,3-13), which comes DOWN FROM HEAVEN (v.3,10,14). Next, God creates a new earth/heaven for us, to last eternally.(Rev 21:3) See you there!

Does The Body Burn In Hell
Mal 3:11+12 tells us that the unjust will be burnt to ashes = completely destroyed. They will not go on burning throughout eternity.
Zeph 1:18 God will make a 'speedy ridance' of the unjust. TBC

Does God Send Evil To People
Here the first thing we need to notw ia that Saul had stopped listening to the Lord. As a result of his "backsliding" the Spirit of the Lord (H.S.) left him v14. Result: H.S. out, the devil"s spirit went in. Acc. to Math 12:30 it is either the one or the other that rules-no neutral ground. So what happened is that the Lord simply withdrew His protection rather than actually "sending" an evil spirit. TO BE CONT.

I Was Engaged To A Christian Man
Not necessarily. You may have had an experiencee in the past which makes you not respond as quickly to someone else as you would like to but that should change the more you become acquainted with your friend. The fact that you already feel loved like never before should speed up and intensify your response very soon. Best wishes. Pierre

Adultery By Leaving His Church
I am sure many of you are not going to like very much what I am going to say here but think about it first before you blast me. Many of you were very direct in accusing the RCCh of being a prostitute. In that blog I asked why this term was applied to her and the answer can best be summarized by what the moderator says above 'it left scripture for traditions' TBC

Moderator - Also that term came into use due to Revelation Chapters 17 & 18. It's a known fact that a large percentage of the Priests and Nuns have bastard kids because they aren't allowed to marry. They are open about this in Latin America.

Why Am I So Lonely
Patricia: I don't know why you are lonely? I figured since many responded to Michelle's wish to have a pen-pal I decided to give you an ear. Write to me describe yourself, your church family etc and I will try to help you.
Suggestion 1 Get a booklet listing God's promises to help you overcome your feelings.
Read you soon!

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