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Is Evolution True Science
On 12/1/10 Warwick mentioned "the water pouring off the land" as the ocean basins sank and the continents rose. As you would expect, we can see the effects of that in our landscapes. Things like underfit rivers (where the valley was carved by lots of water), planation surfaces (where the surface was shaved off by sheet flow), water gaps (where rivers flow through mountains), etc. These features are hard to explain by slow-and-gradual erosion but easily explained by the effects of receding floodwaters. Noah's Flood was a real event.

Is Evolution True Science
alan8566_of_uk on 11/29/10 said:
"Possibly they were laid down before the cataclymsic movements of the tectonic plates caused the layers to rise up into mountain ranges."

Cataclysmic movements they were indeed as the oceans sank and the mountains rose and the waters of the Flood flowed off the continents, carving the landscape. Genesis describes the receding water quite graphically.

Does God Really Exist
Hi Atheist. You seem to have a problem that "genetic information is not part of the material substance, but imposed upon it. It is not solid, has no mass, and is not a product of matter."
You said, "WHAT!!!!"
Think. You have presented the blog with information. It came out of your mind, was typed on your keyboard, stored as binary bits on the computer disks, and written to my monitor as light on the screen to form alphabetic characters. In every case, your thoughts have been imposed on the matter and carried by it. "What!!!!" did not arise from the matter, neither is it intrinsic to the matter. Information is a non-material entity and it comes from an intelligent source.

First Mounain After The Flood
Yes, it would have created a lot of waves. But ask yourself where the eyewitnesses were at that time. All eight of them were in the Ark and that was sitting on the Mountains of Ararat. The account does record the horrific devastation of the Flood in graphic terms (see Genesis 7:17 ff).

Is Carbon Dating Real
Atheist: Your explanation has just cast doubt on all carbon-14 dates. If it is all happening as you describe then how can you trust any of the results?

First Mounain After The Flood
The top of Mt Everest consists of marine limestones containing marine fossils. It was deposited under the sea. Geologically it was pushed up recently. Creationists would view Everest as being pushed up toward the end of the Flood. In fact, all of today's mountains were pushed up late in the Flood.

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